The new personalised playlist on Spotify will suggest songs based on what your friends are listening to

spotify friends mix

Available worldwide on iOS and desktop, with free and premium subscriptions

Spotify is launching a new personalized playlist called “Friends Mix” to provide customers a way to find new tracks based on the Blends they’ve established with their friends. The streaming service’s Blend tool allows two Spotify users to explore where their musical tastes intersect by mixing their favorite tracks to find those they have in common. This Blend then refreshes daily with new music based on everyone’s listening habits.

With Spotify’s new Friends Mix customized playlist, users will now be able to discover new and familiar tunes based on what’s trending among their friends.

If you don’t see a Friends Mix in your “Made For You” hub, you’ll need to start by making a Blend. To do so, you need to put “Blend” in the search bar and then touch “Invite” to select a buddy you wish to Blend with. Once your buddy has accepted the invite, Spotify will produce your shared Blend playlist, which will feature tracks and recommendations that represent your and your friend’s music likes and tastes. Once you’ve produced three two-person Blends, Spotify promises you’ll receive access to your unique Friends Mix under the Made For Us portal.

Spotify estimates there are more than 11 million user-generated playlists featuring the word “friend” in the title. The business also claims that there has been a 35 percent rise in streams of these playlists in 2022 in the United States, compared to last year.

It’s no surprise that Spotify is introducing yet another personalized playlist to its service, especially considering the company’s personalized playlists are one of its main selling factors and one of the reasons Spotify continues to lead the music streaming industry.

The debut of the new personalized playlist comes as the recently expanded Blend playlist creation tool features more artists and started allowing fans to purchase artist products through the feature. To Blend with one of these artists and buy their stuff, you can click the link the artist has supplied to Blend with them. You will then receive a card that reveals your “taste match” score – a score that’s computed based on how similar or dissimilar your listening preferences are when compared to the artist you blended with. After getting their taste match score, consumers will now have the ability to purchase the artist’s featured items via the artist’s Spotify Shopify page.

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