Roblox Project Slayers Codes (September 2022): How to redeem codes in Project Slayers?

Roblox Project Slayers Codes
Roblox Project Slayers Codes
Are you interested in Project Slayer’s codes? So, let’s start from the start. Roblox is a wonderful place, especially if you like a variety of anime and manga because you can find games based on things like My Hero Academia, One Piece, Sword Art Online, Dragon Ball Z, Demon Slayer, and Tokyo Ghoul. As the name suggests, Project Slayer is based on Demon Slayer, which means that you can expect a lot of action.
The goal of the game is simple: you have to fight enemies and explore a map full of secrets and rewards. The journey could be long and hard, but our Project Slayers codes guide can help lighten your load by giving you valuable in-game items like experience points and spins.
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New Project Slayers Codes:

  • Miniupdate3 – spins (new!)
  • MiniUpdate3racereset – race reset (new!)
  • Miniupdate3breathingreset – breathing reset (new!)
  • 350Kupvotes! – spins
  • 350Kupvotes!Breathing – breathing reset
  • lastcode?lol – free in-game rewards

Expired Project Slayers Codes:

  • anotherdayanothershutdown
  • 300klikes!
  • shutdownnumb2
  • shutdown!
  • miniupdate
  • miniupdatedaily
  • soryagainguys:V
  • 200K+upvotestysm
  • sorryforanothershutdown
  • 100K+likesiglol
  • werebackup
  • Gettingthere!
  • Sorryforshutdowns!

What Are The Codes For Project Slayer?


Project Slayers codes give you valuable items to use in the game. The developer, Project Slayers, adds new ones every time a milestone is reached, so bookmark his page to stay up to date on the latest goodies.

How Can I Get More Codes For Project Slayers?

If you want to know about the newest Project Slayers codes as soon as they come out, you should add this page to your bookmarks and check back often, since we update it often. Aside from that, you can join the Project Slayers Discord and keep an eye out for any new Project Slayers freebies that come straight from the source.

To use a code in Roblox Super Slayers, you only need to do the following:
  1. Open up Roblox Super Slayers on your PC or Mobile device.
  2. Tap on the Swords button at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Tap on the Shopping cart button.
  4. Scroll all the way down in the shop menu and tap on the Redeem Codes button.

Is There A Trello Board For Project Slayers?

There is a Project Slayers Trello, just like there is one for the most popular Roblox games, and you can find it right here. The Trello has a lot of useful information, like information about updates, where NPCs are, how to play, and even extra codes, so go check it out!
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So, there are all the Project Slayers codes right now. Check out our Project Slayers private server codes and Project Slayers breathing guide if you want to get more out of this game. Or, if you want to play a game that isn’t so blocky, check out our list of the best anime games.
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