Bling Empire Star: Has Kane Lim Had Plastic Surgery? Learn All The Details Here

kane before plastic surgery
kane before plastic surgery

Has Kane Lim gotten plastic surgery? On social media, people have made up stories about the star. Bling Empire, a brand-new reality show on Netflix, shows how wealthy Asians in Los Angeles live. Fans can learn about Kane Lim’s life and wealth, since he is a key character on the Netflix show.

But as much as people like him as a person, some have wondered if he’s had any plastic surgery. Has Kane had surgery to change his looks?

Who Is Kane Lim?

Kane Lim is a builder, investor, and giver who works in real estate. Aside from designing handbags and jackets, the 31-year-old has many Dior, Versace, and Cartier items of his own.

He said he started his own business when he was 17. Three years later, he made his first million. Kane, who is Asian, moved to Los Angeles nine years ago from Singapore to go to school.

Has Kane Lim Had Plastic Surgery?

Since he was on Bling Empire, people on social media have been talking a lot about whether or not the Netflix star has had plastic surgery. Since Kane has been on the Netflix reality show, he has gotten more attention from the media.

Some of his fans also think he has had some kind of cosmetic work done because he comes from a rich family. But, as was said, Kane hasn’t said for sure if he’s had any plastic surgery in the past.

Kane Lim Before Surgery

We looked at how Kane has changed over the years and found old photos on his Instagram account.

The Bling Empire star looked the same in old social media posts as he does now. In fact, his lips haven’t changed, and they look like they were always that way. The picture below was taken in March 2013.

Kane’s nose hasn’t changed much either; it looks about the same as it did in this post from February 2013.

Kane’s fashion style is the only thing that has changed over the years, and he has thousands of pictures of himself in different outfits.

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