Laura Bites Before And After: See Laura Bites Weight Loss Journey

laura bites before and after
laura bites before and after

Comedian Lara Beitz recently opened up about her 40-pound weight loss transformation during a conversation on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast. “I feel lighter, that’s exactly how I feel,” she told Rogan.

Beitz told Rogan she lost the equivalent of “eight bags of potatoes. I think of what it would be like to carry that around in a backpack, like through an airport, and then get to set it down. … My ankle weights and my hand weights together are 20 pounds. And if I think about carrying that around times two, even across a room, I would be tired. … I feel so much better, I had had back pain since the time I was a teenager. I had joint pain, and I thought that I was just going to have it for my whole life because I didn’t think that I was heavy enough that it was affecting my joints. And that pain is all gone. It makes sense to me.”

Beitz lost the weight amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Beitz revealed to Rogan that she shed pounds by participating in Zoom workouts led by a fellow stand-up comic

Beitz admitted to Rogan that she has been able to maintain her weight loss thanks to the increase in her physical well-being. She remarked, “My back will pain at the end of the day if I carry a hefty suitcase around an airport right now. I simply do not want that additional weight to return since I have to carry it about with me everywhere I go and in everything I do, even just sitting.

In addition, Beitz said, “I stopped eating flour and sugar, which I’ve heard are also inflammatory, so I think that might be part of that. The weight’s mere placement down is the other matter, though. I’m in great shape. “I think both are important, for sure,” Rogan continued. Inflammation is undoubtedly a result of processed foods like sugar, wheat, and others, therefore it makes sense that weight is a problem.

Beitz revealed to Rogan that she uses workouts designed by fellow comedian Stasia Patwell in addition to playing tennis and swimming for exercise. Beitz informed Rogan that the woman was a trainer who had started offering these classes on Zoom for female comics. As a result of her workouts, a number of us underwent before-and-after transformations, showing how several fat comedians transformed into hot individuals. Dude, she’s got a point. She’s f*** hilarious, and she can work you out for an hour while I’m just laughing, feeling like I’m hanging out with a friend. She also has a unique brand of tough love where she’ll call me a p* just as I’m about to fall out of a plank.

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Who Is Lara Beitz?

American comedian Lara Beitz—some even refer to her as Laura Bites—is well-known worldwide. Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is where she was born. Lara Beitz has appeared in a number of well-known comedy programs, including Laughs, Lights Out with David Spade, and The Comedy Store. She began working as a professional comedian in 2010, and in 2012, Milwaukee’s Funniest Comic was given to her. She made her first appearance on television in 2015 on Fox’s Laughs.

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