Nintendo Switch Firmware Update 18.0.0: What’s New?

Nintendo Switch Firmware Update 18.0.0
Nintendo Switch Firmware Update 18.0.0

Nintendo continues to improve the Switch experience with regular firmware updates. The most recent significant version, Version 18.0.0, includes some notable enhancements and features. Let’s get into the details.

Nintendo Switch Firmware Update 18.0.0:

Nintendo is still quite busy pushing out firmware upgrades for the Switch, despite its age. It has now published the major Version 18.0.0 update, following a small update at the end of last year.

Along with the typical assortment of “general system stability improvements” meant to improve the overall experience, it has included an additional auto-sleep option and added Korean as a supported language for parental controls. Official patch notes may be found here:

Nintendo Switch Firmware Update 18.0.0
  • Added “15 Minutes” as an option for “Auto-sleep when playing on TV” in Sleep Mode Settings.
  • I added Korean as a supported language for the “Nintendo Switch Parental Controls” introductory video.
  • When the console language is set to Korean, the video can be accessed from Settings > Parental Controls.
  • General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience.

Dataminer ‘OatmealDome’ has taken a look behind the scenes in Version 18.0.0, and it appears that the “bad words” list has been modified. What else was mentioned?

[Nintendo Switch Firmware Update] 18.0.0 is now out. Pretty much every system component was updated. This is normal for major updates, as the entire OS is rebuilt with a newer SDK version.

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