Dome Keeper Update 41.3.7 Patch Notes: Nice Twist On Base / Tower Defense

Dome Keeper Update 41.3.7 Patch Notes

Dome Keeper update 41.3.7 is now available for PC download (Steam). The current version, according to the official Dome Keeper patch notes, fixes some more bugs, adds a new accessibility option, a new map size, and more. In addition, Dome Keeper version 41.3.7 offers stability fixes.

Previously, a significant Dome Keeper patch 1 introduced several quality-of-life updates and enhancements. Unfortunately, players have been encountering a number of troubles since the latest significant patch. A couple of these issues will be addressed in today’s Dome Keeper version 41.2.

Patch Notes for Dome Keeper – October 5, 2022

  • The ability to always highlight creatures with an outline has been added.
  • The orchard fruit buff can no longer be stacked, although frequent use will refresh the buff.
  • The missing sword dome tutorial popup has been added.
  • Allowing pick-up and drop binds to the same key, as in the Dome Romantik prototype
    A massive map for relic hunting has been added.
  • Up to three unlocks are now displayed instead of the previous maximum of two.
  • Improved controller detection, which may address the issue of some models being unresponsive.
  • Added information on which cheat detection rule was activated, allowing us to enhance it in the next patch after determining what generates false positives.
  • Lift now requires an additional orb, and additional orbs cost 1 water instead of 2. Teleporter no longer teleports resources during fights.
  • The repair signal on the health bar is no longer displayed after closing the tech tree.
  • Fixed vibration setting from options not being applied Fixed keeper not moving if exiting the station with a joystick that has already been rotated
  • The keeper was trapped in pickup mode if the station was accessed while holding the pickup key, and use and pickup were tied to the same button.
  • Fixed one case of the cheat detection triggering incorrectly.
  • Some minor flaws in the savegames have been corrected.
  • The final combat music was playing after the wave had finished, overlaying the winning music.
  • If the game was saved and reloaded, the condenser, converter, and drillbit achievements were not properly counted.
  • Blue underground biome color has been improved to be more distinct from grey.
  • In the upgrade tree, any percentage values with digits following the decimal point are rendered sans digits.
  • Rock texture has been improved for medium rock hardness.
  • Fixed the possibility of unlock being lost if you exit the game shortly after unlocking.
  • For improved visibility, the selected gadget in the keep gadget popup is now animated.
  • Fixed button focus not jumping from gadget to mode as expected during the loadout stage
  • Overcharged condenser manufacturing delay was reduced from 0.75 to 0.5 cycles.

Dome Keeper update 41.3.7 is available for free on PC. Details about Dome Keeper for PS4, PS5, and Xbox will be released soon.

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