Where is Maya Kowalski From ‘Take Care of Maya’ Hits Netflix?

Where is Maya Kowalski Now
Where is Maya Kowalski Now

“Take Care of Maya,” a new Netflix documentary, is a sobering true story that takes place in a children’s hospital as doctors care for a new patient named Maya Kowalski and the court case that ensues after the medic for the child protection team files a report alleging the child’s mother is abμsing her.

Maya Kowalski started taking dosages of ketamine to help her manage the pain after being diἀgnosed with complex regional pain syndrome (CPRS), which causes periods of excruciating, burning sensations in the limbs. Beata, Maya’s mother, was referred to as “pushy” in her pleas for the doctors to prescribe additional ketamine after Maya was hospitalized at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in 2016 and appeared to be experiencing a flare-up.

Dr. Sally Smith, the team’s medical director for child protection at the hospital, decided to look into this. She concluded that Beata was actually causing Maya’s symptoms and was suffering from Munchausen’s through proxy. Because of Smith’s testimony, other children have been placed into state custody despite their parents’ claims of innocence. Due to this, Maya was one of the children who was taken from her family’s control.

According to the 2017 documentary, Beata committed sμicide shortly after being removed from Maya.

Where is Maya Kowalski Now
Where is Maya Kowalski Now

Where is Maya Kowalski Now?

Maya, who is currently 17 years old, lives in Venice, Florida, with her father and brother. She continues to suffer from CRPS, but a court order prevents her or her family from undergoing additional ketamine therapy. As a result, her rehabilitation took a while, even though she has subsequently regained the use of her legs. The Kowalskis are currently pursuing legal action against Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital after settling their case against Dr. Sally Smith.

Maya told People, “For us as a family to move on, we need to fulfill my mom’s wish and fight. I want justice for my mom.”

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What’s the Point of ‘Take Care of Maya’?

Since Maya Kowalski began exhibiting symptoms, including migraines, asthma episodes, painful lesions on her arms and legs, and terrible cramping in her feet at the age of just nine, the Kowalski family suspected she had a medical condition. Just one year later, they had to take Maya to Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in Florida because she had excruciating stomach discomfort, her knees up to her chest, and was wailing in agony, according to the television show.

Doctors eventually determined that Maya’s symptoms were caused by a rare neurological illness called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, or CRPS, but not before other tragedies befell the Kowalski family.

Nurses at the hospital where Maya was being treated grew wary of Beata because she had suggested giving her daughter ketamine to reset her neurological system. This method is thought to have been successful in Mexico.

Following a referral from child protective services, the courts ordered Beata to undergo a thorough psychological evaluation, causing the Kowalski family to lose custody of Maya for three months.

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