Hawkeye: Who Is Wendy Conrad In Episode 4? Episode 5 Details Revealed

Hawkeye: Who Is Wendy Conrad In Episode 4? Episode 5 Details Revealed

In “Hawkeye” Episode 4, there was not only one surprising guest appearance. Apart from comic fans, nobody should know who is behind Wendy Conrad, and we’re here to help. For many “Hawkeye” fans, in episode 4, “Partners, Am I Right?” the appearance of Yelena Belova should be of particular interest. The new Black Widow, put on Hawkeye in the “Black Widow” post-credits scene by Contessa Valentina Allegra de la Fontaine, wants to avenge Natasha’s death.

However, another Marvel Easter Egg from the 4th episode should have escaped many viewers. Kate Bishop and Clint Barton get to know the LARP woman Wendy Conrad. As is so often, you should pay attention when characters in Marvel series introduce themselves with full names because this name usually has a special meaning. This is also the case here.

Who Is Wendy Conrad In Comics?

In Marvel Comics, Wendy Conrad is a mercenary, hitman, and explosives expert who often goes after Hawkeye. That doesn’t seem to apply to the policewoman in “Hawkeye,” although at least one cannot rule out that the Wendy on Disney + was also hired to kill Hawkeye.

Her villain name, Bombshell, is also mentioned in “Hawkeye,” but with a twinkle in her eye. Nevertheless, it is clear that the authors wanted to give all comic fans clear advice.

The LARP troop will likely show up again in the finale at the latest to help Hawkeye and Kate. With Yelena, Echo, Jack Duquesne, and maybe Winson Fisk or Kate’s mother Eleanor, the series already has enough bad guys and doesn’t need Bombshell to get in the way of our two heroes.

Hawkeye Episode 5: What To Expect?

With the arrival of Episode 4, Hawkeye has reached its mid-point. As Hawkeye enters the latter half of its first season, there are still certain things that fans need answers for. The fourth episode of Hawkeye was released earlier, on December 8, 2021. The episode titled ‘Partners, Am I Right?’ begins with Clint defusing a stand-off with Jack Duquesne and Eleanor Bishop after they know that he is an Avenger. 

An industry Insider told TV Live during a conversation that Episode 5 will blow up the internet. However, he did not give any significant details for the same. Marvel Studios has revealed the promo for Episode 5. 

The fifth episode of Hawkeye will be released on Disney+ on December 15, Wednesday at 12:01 a.m. PT. 

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