BTS: With Great Instagram Accounts Come Great Responsibilities

BTS: With Great Instagram Accounts Come Great Responsibilities

The guys from BTS have only had their own Instagram profiles for a few days. One or the other fail can happen to you.

BTS Is Finally Solo On Instagram Too

On Monday, Jungkook, Jimin, Jin, J-Hope, RM, V, and Suga appeared with solo accounts on Instagram for the first time. Within a few hours, she already had several million followers on the account.

Of course, the joy at ARMY was enormous because they could still connect with their favorites during the K-Pop band’s winter break and possibly get a few private insights. But some band members don’t seem to be quite able to get along with the social media app yet.

BTS: Instagram Fail With Suga And V

The first picture Suga posted on his account was trees on the road. He got millions of likes for it, but suddenly the post was gone: the rapper accidentally deleted it. Instead, there is just a red picture at the point. The caption says: “Instagram is really hard.” His bandmates then appear in the comments, give tips, or make fun of Suga’s post a bit. V suggests that he check out a few tutorials on YouTube, and Jin asks what this red thing is supposed to be.

V has been probably taken his advice already own to complete after he followed Jennie BLACK PINK accidentally Instagram. Later, he explained how this happened: “The recommendations of Instagram Is there a way to get rid of it is a creepy app?”

Well, you can’t blame the BTS guys, but maybe they use their time off to get to grips with the app and become real Instagram professionals.

BTS: That’s What Boys Are Called On Instagram

Fans were amazed when they realized that the BTS guys now have their profiles on Instagram. So far, BTS only had one band account together. Since December 6th, they have had their own official Instagram profiles, on which they have already been busy posting pictures. Within a day, the members of the K-Pop band had between 18 and 20 million followers.

But why suddenly the private accounts after so many years? Is that because of the winter break that you announced earlier? So you could, of course, also give ARMY private insights if you take your time off.

On Instagram, Jungkook goes by the username @abcdefghi__lmnopqrstuvwxyz. These are all letters of the alphabet, except for the J and the K, which have been “replaced” with two underscores. 

With his username @uarmyhope, J-Hope alludes to his well-known saying, “I’m your hope, you’re my hope, I’m J-Hope,” and has also cleverly built the ARMY into his @. Jin and Jimin keep it simple with @jin and @jm.

V (@thv) likes to post photo dumps, RM (@rkive) has already uploaded some posts with very aesthetic pictures and stray cats. But what about Suga? He has posted the least so far under his username @agustd, but that doesn’t have to mean anything after a day. 

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