Money Heist ‘berlin’ Netflix Series Potential Release Date, Cast, Plot – What We Know So Far

berlin release date
berlin release date

Money Heist (La Casa De Papel), one of Netflix’s most popular shows to date, has concluded, but the franchise is far from over. Not only will there be a new South Korean version of the Spanish series, but there will also be a full-fledged spin-off starring the fan-favorite character, Berlin. Here’s what we know so far about the upcoming spin-off series, which is scheduled to premiere in 2023.

A spin-off was long rumored as we approached the final season, which will be released in two parts on Netflix in 2021. Money Heist creator Alex Pina had previously hinted at the possibility of expanding further into characters introduced in the mothership series.

Berlin release date rumor

There is no set release date for Berlin as of yet, but Netflix has stated that the new series will premiere on the streaming service in 2023.

That may seem far away, but if the spin-off is able to film next year, we could see it as soon as the first quarter of 2023, which is only about a year away.

We’ll keep this page updated with information about Berlin’s production, so keep checking back for the most recent updates.

What will the theme of Berlin be?

As the title suggests, we’ll be focusing on Berlin’s titular character, also known as Andrés de Fonollosa.

It does not take place after Money Heist (the character).

Despite the fact that his backstory was explored in season 5, there is still a lot we don’t know about Berlin. There are five ex-wives, including Tatiana (played by Diana Gómez). In the series, he described his relationships as the “5 times he believed in love.”

Given that Berlin is The Professor’s brother, it’s highly likely that we’ll look into their childhood together. We also don’t have much information about their father’s death or how he met Palermo (another Berlin lover), Marsella, and Bogotá.

We may also see more of Berlin’s heist in Paris’ Champs-Élysées, where he stole 434 diamonds. We may also see more of his fight against Helmer Myopathy.

Berlin cast: Which Money Heist characters could return?

The only confirmed cast member for Berlin: A New Series is Pedro Alonso, who has remained one of the most popular Money Heist cast members despite dying early in the second season.

“Responsibility can be something that weighs on you,” Alonso told fans at an event commemorating the final season of Money Heist. “It could be a prison.” However, in the case of this show, it has been a fantastic opportunity and true cosmic magic.

“For the past five years, this team has gone above and beyond, and I am sending them all kisses. It’s an incredible feeling to know that people all over the world have favorite characters and quotes. This is difficult work, but it is rewarding because of the fans.”

Other Money Heist stars, such as Patrick Criado and Diana Gómez, who played Berlin’s estranged son Rafael and ex-wife Tatiana, may reprise their roles here.

Another possible returner is Rodrigo de la Serna, who played Berlin’s closest friend, Palermo, who harbored romantic feelings for him that were sadly unrequited.

Despite the fact that Berlin and The Professor had a close relationship in Money Heist – after all, they were brothers – we don’t expect lvaro Morte to reprise his role in the upcoming spin-off.

Not only is he currently starring in Prime Video’s fantasy epic The Wheel of Time, but he also appeared to be happy to move on from his most famous role in a recent explanation of why Money Heist is ending.

The Berlin cast will almost certainly be announced closer to the start of production, so we should have some concrete details in the coming months.


Netflix officially announced the new season in late November 2021, just days before Season 5 Part 2.

Along with the series announcement, we got a brief tease about the upcoming spinoff :

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