After One Season, ‘queer As Folk’ Reboot At Peacock Is Cancelled

‘Queer as Folk’ Reboot Canceled After One Season at Peacock
‘Queer as Folk’ Reboot Canceled After One Season at Peacock

Variety has learned that the “Queer as Folk” reboot has been canceled after one season at Peacock.

On June 9, the show’s complete first season was available on the streaming service. It was initially ordered straight to series by Peacock in April 2021.

The show portrayed a group of friends in New Orleans dealing with the fallout from a shooting at a gay bar. The cast members were Fin Argus, CG, Jesse James Keitel, Ryan O’Connell, Johnny Sibilly, Devin Way, and Kim Cattrall.

Stephen Dunn conceived the series on behalf of NENT Studios UK, which distributes the format. He worked as an executive producer alongside Jaclyn Moore, Lee Eisenberg, Emily Brecht, original series creator Russell T. Davies, Nicola Shindler, and Richard Halliwell. The studio is called UCP.

To be able to make a show as daring and unrepentant as ‘Queer As Folk’ in these times and this country is a rare gift.” Dunn stated in an Instagram statement. “This experience has forever impacted our lives, and we are so grateful to have discovered this beautiful new family.” However, we learned today that we will not be getting a second season.”

Dunn praised the series’ viewers for “falling in love” with the characters. “We’re happy for the opportunity to recognize our town, and we’re proud of this show,” he said.

The Peacock series was “Queer as Folk’s” third incarnation. Between 1999 and 2000, the original British series aired ten episodes. The series was then adapted for American viewers by Showtime and aired five seasons between 2000 and 2005.

This is also the second Peacock cancellation announced in recent weeks. Peacock canceled the single-camera comedy “Rutherford Falls” after two seasons earlier this month.


Was the show Queer as Folk canceled?

The 2022 relaunch of the hit series Queer as Folk by Peacock has been canceled after one season, according to show creator Stephen Dunn.

Where can I watch the reboot of Queer as Folk?

Queer as Folk will be available exclusively on NBC’s Peacock streaming platform. While the streaming site does provide a free version, Queer as Folk may only be available to those with a premium subscription. The streamer’s cheapest package, Peacock Premium, costs $4.99 monthly.

Queer as Folk is available on which streaming service?

Queer as Folk Online Streaming | Hulu (Free Trial)

Where will Queer as Folk 2022 be shot?

“Our new Gay as Folk is situated in New Orleans, one of North America’s most unique queer communities. I am incredibly delighted that the new series is comprised of an electrifying ensemble of original characters that reflect the modern global audience,” Dunn said.

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