SNL’: 10 Hilarious Halloween Sketches That Will Make You Cry

'SNL'_ 10 Funniest Halloween Sketches That Will Have You In Tears
'SNL'_ 10 Funniest Halloween Sketches That Will Have You In Tears

Saturday Night Live features the greatest in comedy, from comic speeches to skits and, if lucky, improvisation (usually when a sketch goes wrong). Every season, the nation’s wackiest and most talented comedians write and perform their sketches about various topics such as politics, pop culture moments (including TikTok), and holidays.

Every Halloween weekend, the cast of Saturday Night Live puts on a frightening yet hilarious show featuring some famous skits. A collection of the best Halloween skits is generally aired as well!

‘The Haunted Elevator

“Haunted Elevator,” possibly SNL’s most famous Halloween sketch, follows a couple as they ride a scary elevator at a fictitious “100 Floors of Frights” haunted mansion. Every floor is haunted, with a spectral bride, a severed skull, and… Pumpkins, David S.

Tom Hanks plays the iconic David S. Pumpkins, a man dressed as a pimpy jack-o-lantern with two dancing skeleton boys. He reappears numerous times during the sketch, much to the crowd’s enjoyment, and even scares the couple at the conclusion! Have any questions?

“A Halloween Scary Story”

“A Scary Story on Halloween,” a Chris Farley skit from SNL in 1993, opens with a parent reprimanding his children for misbehaving and saying that he has hired someone to correct them. Matt Foley, the man who will set them right, enters and begins hounding them.

Farley excels in the role of Matt Foley, who is simply amusing. He tells them a terrifying narrative and even slams into a table. Just hilarious all around!

‘Halloween Songs by Garth and Kat’

Garth (Fred Armisen) and Kat (Kristen Wiig), a well-known duo of celebrated composers (who do the majority of their compositions live on the air), return for a Halloween special.

They perform a variety of songs in their orange Halloween sweater vests, including “Halloween Party,” “Kids, Don’t Smoke Fake Cigarettes Because—You know—Every Time People See You and Think You’re an Adult, They Think It’s the Most Unhealthy Thing Ever in This Town or Any Town,” and “The Wackiest Witch.” Only spooktacular hits!

‘Chad Horror Film’

“Chad Horror Movie” features the first appearance of Pete Davidson’s well-known “Chad” persona. Chad is sitting in front of the television in this sketch. The phone rings, and on the other end is a murderer in the mold of Scream.

Chad, a not-so-smart and, to be honest, indifferent man, goes about his business while a disguised murderer attempts to assassinate him. But when he tries to strike Chad down, the murderer rapidly becomes the murderer—watch and find out!

“Close Encounters”

“Close Encounter” is one of Saturday Night Live’s most well-known and beloved segments. The story is not precisely Halloween-themed, although the content can be grouped with Halloween drawings. In the sketch, two NSA agents interrogated three people who aliens had abducted for the first time.

Two describe a relaxing, warmly lighted event, while the third (played by the fabulous Kate McKinnon) has a slightly different narrative. This sketch was so famous that they developed more “Close Encounter” sketches, including one for Aidy BryantandMcKinnon’s final show.

The ‘Headless Horseman’

In this sketch, John Mulaney plays the iconic Ichabod Crane. When the Headless Horseman approaches Ichabod while he is wandering through a misty woodland, things become a little heated. Ichabod becomes curious about the uses of the severed head, and a once tragic story becomes increasingly erotic.

William (Davidson) enters and then asks the Headless Horseman several improper questions. And another friend walks in. The sketch crazes as more questions are answered, and the audience loves it.

‘Halloween at the Clintons’

Amy Poehler and Darrell Hammond play Hillary and Bill Clinton at a Halloween party in a 2007 spoof. More actors play prominent Democratic candidates until one special guest arrives.

The figure is wearing a Barack Obama mask and removes it to expose the real Obama below! The audience was stunned, and Obama’s unexpected presence in an SNL sketch became a famous moment in SNL history. “Live from New York, Saturday night!” he announced.

‘The Haunted House’

“Haunted House” is a parody of some of the more severe ghost-hunting shows, which spice up their investigations with eerie whispers and night-vision cameras that wash them out. As the team enters a bedroom, they hear a machine noise that they mistake for a gassy ghost.

They replay it and try to figure out what it could be, while the leader (and dealer) tries to divert the subject. Bathroom humor can be amusing at times!

‘A Halloween for Girls’

“A Girl’s Halloween” is a pre-recorded skit about a group of females (Bryant, Cecily Strong, and Vanessa Bayer) who go out for Halloween.

The sketch alternates between the present, where they are getting ready to go out and have a good time, and the future, where they are drunk and screaming at each other in the middle of the street. This sketch works so well because the humor is so realistic!

‘Scary Song’

Chance the Rapper and a group of spirits sing an eerie song in a cemetery about how they died, from sharks to dynamite.

When Chance’s character comes, he says that his death was somewhat unusual. Without going into too much detail, Chance’s death was…surprising!

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