Are Lana Rhoades and NBA Player Kevin Durant Dating? Let’s Explore the Truth!

who is lana rhoades dating nba player
who is lana rhoades dating nba player

Most grown men who use the internet know who Lana Rhoades is. Even NBA fans know who she is. She is a well-known actress and performer who is known for her erotic videos. When she told people she was pregnant and soon after gave birth, the internet was full of comments and ideas. On a podcast with YouTuber Logan Paul, her ex-boyfriend Mike Majlak said that the father of the child is someone else.

Rhoades is a well-known and influential person around the world. Some people would be surprised to learn that Majlak thinks an NBA player is Lana’s baby’s father. We can’t find out what’s really going on unless the truth is made public. After all, Majlak was in a relationship with Lana. So, we should assume that he has done his research and is not just trying to stir up trouble.

Lana Rhoades’s Ex-boyfriend Says This Nba Star Is The Father Of Her Child

Kevin Durant is one of the best NBA players who is still single, and there is no doubt about that. Several people say that he used to date Lana Rhoades a long time ago. So, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that he is the most likely father of Milo Rhoades.

Mike Majlak told Logan Paul on air that it was KD. But he changed the name to protect himself from slander charges and other problems. At first, he was asked why things didn’t work out with Rhoades.

“Uh, because it was… It got a little toxic because I was 36 and she was still in her mid-20s, so I think it had to do with age, but she’s doing well now and has a child with that famous NBA player.

He said a name when asked who it was. The censor bleep was pretty fast, so we can figure out that the only name that could fit in that window was “KD.”

If Kevin Durant is Milo’s dad, we’re sure he’d want to be there for his son. After all, KD’s father never played a role in his life, and his mother raised him on her own. We can be sure that he takes care of his child because of this. If it is his indeed.

Lana Was On A Date With A Player With The Brooklyn Nets

Lana Rhoades sparked rumors that Kevin Durant is the father of her child when she shared a story on the most recent edition of her podcast, 3 Girls 1 Kitchen.

In the episode that aired on Monday, June 7th, she said that a Brooklyn Nets player asked her out on a date to attend a game at the Barclay Center while she was in New York.

She did not identify who the player was, but she implied that it was Kevin Durant by stating that he brought a backup date, something she alleges he has done previously.

This is not the first time this has happened to her. Lana also stated that the athlete was a Libra, and fans have observed that Kevin Durant is the only Brooklyn Nets player who is a Libra. She added that the Nets player was “boring” and that she had to leave since he wasn’t “spicy” enough for her.\

Now Fans Believe Kevin Durant Is the Father of Her Child

Fans are currently claiming that because Lana dated Kevin Durant, he could be her father.

Is It Right?

People are speculating on the internet right now about who the father of Lana Rhoades’ baby is. But it’s not likely that Kevin Durant is really the father of Lana Rhoades’ baby. Even though they went on a date, that doesn’t mean he’s the father of the child.

She also said he was boring and said she left the date early because of that. So, there is no proof that they even slept together. Until Lana says so, no one knows who her real baby daddy is.

Did Mike And Lana Break Up?

Lana Rhoades has said that she and Mike have broken up and she is now single. Thursday (February 18), she wrote on her Instagram Stories, “The reason Mike isn’t on my Instagram is that we’re not together; I’m single.” We broke up, and this time we won’t get back together.

Twitter Talks About Which Nba Player Is The Father Of Lana Rhoades’s Child

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