Who Is Trevor Noah’s Girlfriend? All About His Current Relationship Status!

trevor noah girlfriend
trevor noah girlfriend

Trevor Noah caused a stir when he said he was leaving The Daily Show on the same day that pictures of him kissing pop star Dua Lipa were released. Coincidence?

The comedian from South Africa wants to do stand-up comedy again and maybe have a little more time for his personal life as well. Find out about Trevor Noah’s past dates and relationships. He keeps most of his life pretty low-key.

Is Trevor Noah Dating Someone?

Noah was seen kissing pop star Dua Lipa in late September 2022, but it is not known if they are a couple. The Daily Mail said that the two had dinner together in New York City and then went for a walk, where spies saw them kissing and hugging.

Is Trevor Noah Still Together With Someone?

Noah has been seen kissing Dua Lipa, but it’s not clear if they are in a serious relationship or just hanging out. Only time will tell, or maybe some of her new songs.


Are Trevor Noah And Minka Kelly Dating?

Noah and Minka Kelly were on and off for about two years. In August 2020, People said that they were dating and said, “It’s a very serious relationship.”

A source told PEOPLE that Noah and Kelly moved in together after the public found out about their relationship. In December 2021, Noah bought a $27.5 million home in Bel-Air, ostensibly for them to share, the source said.

The information said, “They are making plans for the future together, and their relationship is very stable. In the past year, they’ve spent time on both coasts and were looking for a place to live together in L.A.”

The “stable relationship” wasn’t as stable as it seemed. In May 2021, they broke up for a short time, and in May 2022, they broke up for good. At the time, someone close to the Friday Night Lights star told PEOPLE, “Minka is single now.

She has the best way of thinking. She’s doing great. She’d rather not be with anyone than waste her time on the wrong person.” A second insider said, “They haven’t been together for a while now.”


Did Trevor Noah Date Jordyn Taylor?

Noah’s most public relationship has been with model and luxury real estate agent Jordyn Taylor. He started dating her soon after leaving Gabriel and moving to the U.S. to host The Daily Show. They had been dating for almost three years, and at the 2017 MTV Movie Awards, they walked the red carpet together.

How Long Was Trevor Noah’s Relationship With Jordyn Taylor?

Noah and Taylor were together for about 3 years. They started dating soon after he moved to the U.S., in 2015. They broke up in the summer of 2018.

Why Did Trevor Noah And Jordyn Taylor Break Up?

Noah is said to have “quietly broken up” with Taylor in the summer of 2018. In early 2019, Taylor said that they were no longer together in an Instagram Q&A. When a fan asked Taylor if she liked Noah, she said, “Of course I like him. What would keep you from loving him? I love him a lot, but you should know that we broke up last summer. I still love him, though.


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