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Who Is Youtube Superstar Mrbeast’s New Girlfriend Thea Booysen? Here’s What We Know

After getting more than 100 million YouTube subscribers, MrBeast has become a well-known name in the community. At such a young age, it is a huge accomplishment for the YouTuber Star to have built such a big business. After PewDiePie, Jimmy Donaldson is the second creator to reach 100 million subscribers.

So, many fans also think that he might one day be better than PewDiePie. Jimmy has had a huge effect on the community, so it makes sense that his fans are usually interested in his personal life as well. It’s interesting that MrBeast just posted online about his new girlfriend. Read on to find out more about who Jimmy is dating right now.

Who Is MrBeast New Girlfriend?

Most of Mr. Beast’s fans were not overly surprised when he revealed his relationship status. It’s interesting to note that before the announcement, the couple was frequently spotted together, and the relationship had fans’ approval.

Additionally, Mr. Beast revealed his relationship with Thea Booysen in a very special photo that was uploaded to his Instagram story. Fans admired the couple’s cute photos together while they were on vacation in the Maldives. Jimmy has finally put an end to all the irrational theories that the fans had been waiting for.

The image was praised by MrBeast, who declared, “This is our cutest photo,” and by Thea, who responded, “Agree.” For those who are unaware, Thea Booysen is a well-known internet personality, Twitch streamer, social media star, and YouTuber. She is the owner of the “TheaBeast” Twitch channel.

Are MrBeast And Thea Booysen Dating?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you should already know that MrBeast is dating Thea Booysen. So, yes, MrBeast and Thea are dating, and their fans love to see them together.

Also, many fans think it’s a great idea that Jimmy told his fans about his relationship status. Now, fans can stop guessing about whether or not they are dating and start shipping them together. What do you think about the new girl MrBeast is dating? Tell us in the comments section.

Who Is Thea Booysen?

Thea Booysen, a well-known Twitch streamer, is also well-known for writing the science fiction book “The Marked Children.” In the United States, a paperback copy of the book runs about $13.06. She also plays a variety of other video games to amuse her viewers in addition to being an official CDProjeckt Red caster.

With about 22.9K followers, she is one of the most well-liked female streamers on Twitch. She is also very active on YouTube, where she has over 17k subscribers, in addition to Twitch. Thea and Jimmy have been seen together frequently, and there have been numerous rumors that the two are also involved in a covert relationship.

The two were initially seen this year in Cape Town, South Africa. Following Cape Town, the pair could be seen once more at the 2022 Kid’s Choice Awards in April, where they posed for photos.
Not to mention, the two were very responsive to each other’s social media posts and active on them, which persuaded a number of fans.

Maddy Spidell And Mr. Beast Are No Longer Dating

The breaking news of Jimmy and Maddy Spidell’s year-long relationship took the internet by storm a few months ago. Yes, Maddy Spidell is Mr. Beast’s ex-girlfriend; the two were together for three years.

American dancer and well-known social media influencer Maddy Spidell. She was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on March 31, 2000, in the United States. In 2019, Jimmy and Maddy connected on Twitter. Despite the fact that their relationship lasted three years, they both still appear happy.

Not to mention that neither of them made any online announcements regarding their breakup. Indeed, the couple’s breakup was a surprise to many of the couple’s fans. Jimmy has formally confirmed his relationship with Thea Booysen while simultaneously putting an end to fans’ unfounded rumors.

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