Who Is David Dobrik Dating Now? An Update On His Current Relationship & Dating History

who is david dobrik dating
who is david dobrik dating

Popular Slovak Internet figure David Dobrik. He will be 26 years old in 2022 and was born on July 23, 1996, in Kosice, Slovakia. When he was six years old, his family relocated. He initially began publishing recordings on the Vine app. He belonged to the Second Class YouTube club. In 2015, he launched his first YouTube account. In 2016, David Dobrik Too, his second YouTube account, was launched. Because of the content’s inside jokes and pranks, his networks are more well-liked. In 2018, he was given a platinum play button. His pals, Jason Hash, Josh Peck, and others, can be seen in his vlogs. Additionally, he had roles in three films and numerous TV programs.

David Dobrik’s wild prank and joke films have made him a household name. He has connections to some well-known public figures. Regarding his relationships, there are many stories. He would respond to those reports in his distinct sarcastic style. Is David Dobrik dating? Has been a query that has recently been posed about him. Once more, he is the subject of some allegations. You can learn about David Dobrik’s previous relationships and marriage on this website and the answer to the question, “is David Dobrik dating?”

Who is David Dobrik Dating?

David Dobrik made it clear that he has only ever been in one relationship in his 23 years of life. He once dated well-known YouTuber Liza Koshy, with whom he broke up in 2017. After dating for a while and realizing their differences could not be resolved, they dated for a number of years.

In a video they recently shared, Liza and David explain that despite their best efforts, they were unable to be together because of how toxic their relationship had become. Their ex-girlfriend was the one who broke things off, and he gave illness as the reason for the breakup.

The pair decided to make an emotional film to express their feelings after going through several self-realization experiences. Despite the difficulties they were having, their devoted fan base showed them a lot of love and support.

Are David Dobrik And Liza Koshy Still Together?

On YouTube, David Dobrik and Liza Koshy were the ‘it’ couple. All adored them due to their shared close friends, sense of humor, and online personas.

They conversed about each other on other social media platforms while they were together and uploaded videos to their respective YouTube channels together.

Koshy and Dobrik developed a close-knit group of friends over time, eventually becoming one of their primary sources of online content and allowing them to profit from their hilarious practical jokes and outrageous comedies.

They made the decision to hide their breakup for more than six months. But the story went viral on social media after a widely watched movie about their breakup (via YouTube).

It’s funny in a Koshy and Dobrik kind of way, but it’s evident that the two were heartbroken by the information. In the video, they even admit they needed a two-hour break to gather their thoughts.

Ex-Wife and Failed Relationship of David Dobrik

Jason Nash, a comedian, is the son of Lorraine Nash, whom David Dobrik married in 2019. All of this was a joke. After just one month of marriage, the couple decided to divorce. Jason admitted during one of his stand-up routines that he would never be fortunate enough to find true love.
Dobrik’s reaction to this was somewhat swift, as evidenced by how quickly he proposed to and introduced his bride to his stepfather.

He claimed in a humorous essay that it was inevitable that something like this would happen when two young people rush to find love after the legal separation.

Is David Dobrik Dating Taylor Hudson?

Contrary to rumors, David Dobrik is not seeing Taylor Hudson, his assistant. Fans were almost sure they were dating or hooking up because they lived together and had common interests.

The helper for Dobrik has been associated with him previously. In 2020, rumors that he was dating his longtime assistant and friend, Natalie Mariduena, surfaced. Both dismissed the rumors as an effort to boost their online personas. While talking about the rumors, we can’t ignore the online persona they developed.

He is rumored to be dating his assistant Natalie Mariduena

After splitting from Liza, David hasn’t confirmed any new relationships, but Natalie Mariduena is rumored to be his new love interest. Since they were young children, Dobrik and Natalie have been friends, and they remain close.

Dobrik has acknowledged that he once harbored feelings for Natalie, but he kept it a secret and the two never got together. In a December 2019 interview with Clevver News, he affirmed that he is not dating Natalie: “I’m definitely not [dating Natalie]. Nobody in my friend group is romantically involved with my assistant Natalie, which kind of breaks their hearts.

Toddy Smith, one of David’s friends, might be dating Natalie even though David isn’t. When Dobrik published a string of texts from Smith to Natalie in which Toddy seemed to hint at feelings for her, the rumors got their start.

Natalie and Smith claimed the texts had no meaning, but David later posted a bloopers video in which Smith acknowledged having feelings for Natalie.

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Has David Dobrik Quit YouTube?

David last posted a video to the channel on March 22. Since then, there hasn’t been a single new one. Since there has been a lull for a while, fans wonder if the YouTuber has shut down his channel. David has recently found himself in trouble. Dobrik appears to be experiencing many problems as evidenced by his cancellation by the online community back in 2021 due to his involvement in a sexual assault case and the recent lawsuit brought against him by his longtime friend Jeff Wittek. So perhaps that explains why he hasn’t been active. One theory is that Dobrik’s legal team may have advised him not to add new content to his channel.

About His Personal Life

His three younger siblings, Dobrik is the oldest. Due to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, Dobrik, a Slovak citizen who entered the country illegally as a child, is now protected from deportation. Dobrik mentioned being able to speak Slovak in an interview from December 2018. Dobrik announced in a video that he had finally received his green card and could now travel to other nations legally in September 2021.

From late 2015 to early 2018, Dobrik dated another YouTube star, Liza Koshy. They announced their separation to the public in June 2018. On May 15, 2019, Dobrik married Jason Nash’s mother, Lorraine Nash, in a ceremony intended to be humorously timed for one of his vlogs. The 12th of June 2019 saw the announcement of Dobrik and Nash’s decision to divorce after just one month. On November 22, 2019, Dobrik and Nash finalized their divorce, which he shared on Instagram.

What is the marital status of David Dobrik?

David Dobrik is not married.

What number of kids does David Dobrik have?

He adopt his child.

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