Is Vanessa Bryant Dating Someone? Her Age, Height Revealed!

is vanessa bryant dating someone
is vanessa bryant dating someone

NBA fans have been wondering who Vanessa Bryant is dating for quite some time. Most of us are aware that her husband, NBA great Kobe Bryant, as well as her daughter and numerous others, were killed in a helicopter crash over three years ago. This was a horrific event that shook the NBA and is still difficult for fans to comprehend.

Vanessa Bryant is a typical lady who desires to spend the rest of her life with someone. This would be difficult for NBA fans to believe. She still has three girls, and having a father role in their lives is crucial. So, let’s see whether Vanessa Bryant is now seeing anybody and discover more about her relationship status.

Who is Vanessa Bryant Boyfriend?

Vanessa Bryant has not been seen with anybody since Kobe Bryant’s death. Nobody could have foreseen or seen Kobe Bryant’s death coming. Vanessa has never left Kobe’s side for more than 20 years. Some claim she dated a professional boxer called Victor Ortiz.

These reports began to circulate in 2011 when she was considering divorcing the Los Angeles Lakers player. Some believed that Bryant’s many reported indiscretions while they were married were what made them famous.

Even before the catastrophe, the family had clearly gone through a lot. Vanessa shed tears as she talked about Kobe and paid homage to him. She reflected on memories that must have been very terrible for her to recall after the loss of her husband and child.

is vanessa bryant dating someone
is Vanessa Bryant dating someone

Because the media is constantly looking for anything to talk about, some people assumed she was dating Derek Fisher, a former NBA star. Some may recall him playing alongside Kobe Bryant and winning five championships with the “Black Mamba.”

Fisher and Vanessa were seen sitting close to one other during a WNBA game. Because of this, the press began to speculate that they may be in a relationship. However, since he had just married Gloria Govan, there wasn’t much proof to back up this accusation.

Whatever happens, we know Vanessa still considers Kobe Bryant to be her real love and soul mate. She sent him a photo with the message “Happy birthday, Papi.” I will always love you. “Eternal Love.”

Vanessa Bryant Age?

Vanessa Bryant is 41 years old now. She was born on May 5, 1982. Being married to Kobe Bryant put her in the public eye when she was young, and she has lived her life in the spotlight ever since. Even though she has been through terrible disasters, Vanessa has shown strength and resolve by giving back to the community and carrying on Kobe’s memory through many different projects.

Vanessa Bryant’s Ethnicity

Vanessa Bryant, whose real name is Vanessa Cornejo Urbieta, comes from a lot of different cultures. She has Mexican, Irish, English, and German roots. Her varied background has had a big impact on her life, changing the way she thinks and acts. Vanessa has often talked about her Hispanic background, which shows how different American culture is and makes her a role model for many in the Hispanic community.

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Vanessa Bryant Height?

Becky Bryant is 5 feet 5 inches tall. Vanessa has always carried herself with an ease and presence that makes people notice her, even though she isn’t as tall as her late husband, who was 6 feet 6 inches. Due to her height and strong personality, she is a well-known and respected person in both public and private life.

Conclusion: Vanessa Bryant is still someone who people look up to and are inspired by. People have seen her go through the highs and lows of life, and she has always done it with honor and grit. The media is speculating about Vanessa’s current relationship state, but it’s clear that she’s still focused on her family, her charitable work, and carrying on the traditions of her late husband and daughter. Vanessa Bryant is a great example of how strong the human spirit can be as she continues to get through life.

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