Is Joanne Clifton Pregnant? The Truth About Her Personal Life and Career

 Is Joanne Clifton Pregnant?
 Is Joanne Clifton Pregnant?

Is Joanne Clifton expecting a child? Joanne Kristy Clifton is a multi-talented individual. She is a well-known British dancer, as well as a presenter, singer, and actress. She worked as a professional dancer on the BBC show Strictly Come Dancing from 2014 until 2016.

She won the Christmas Special in 2015 with Harry Judd, who also won the ninth season and the fourteenth series with Ore Oduba in 2016.

Between 2015 and 2019, she worked as a professional presenter on another Strictly Come Dancing-related show called “Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two.”

You might be wondering if Joanne Clifton is pregnant right now. In this post, we’ll find out who she is, who her father might be, and discuss her career. So, stay tuned to find out more about Joanne Clifton’s life.

Is Joanne Clifton Pregnant?

Joanne Clifton is not expecting a child, according to her Instagram posts. Some people may have assumed she was pregnant after seeing recent images of her. This prompted much consternation and excitement among her supporters.
 Is Joanne Clifton Pregnant?
Is Joanne Clifton Pregnant?

Joanne is not married, but her boyfriend, Aj Jenks, has not commented on the report. We are confident that Joanne Clifton is not pregnant.

Let’s move on to Aj Jenks. He works as an actor. We don’t know when Joanne and Aj began dating, but it was most likely in 2019. They made their relationship public during the lockdown when people were forced to stay at home for their own safety.

During this time, they spent a lot of time together. They must now deal with the sadness of being in a long-distance relationship now that the constraints have been loosened.

According to other stories, they met through Joanne’s roommate. Joanne Clifton and Aj Jenks are both avid users of social media. If you’re interested in learning more about their fascinating lives, you can look them up online.

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Exploring the Close-Knit Family of Joanne Clifton!!

Joanne Clifton was raised in the North East of England in the village of Waltham, Lincolnshire. Her parents are Judy and Keith Clifton, and she has a brother named Kevin Clifton. Kevin, like Joanne, is a professional British dancer who has appeared on the TV show Strictly Come Dancing.

He is not only a dancer but also an actor and vocalist. He also appeared on a different show called Burn the Floor. Joanne and Kevin attended the same primary school, East Ravendale, before transferring to Caistor Grammar School.

Joanne and Kevin, as siblings, competed in numerous tournaments both in the UK and around the world. Joanne began participating in ballroom and Latin dancing at the age of four! She even traveled to Italy to train with a team known as Team Diablo. That’s quite intriguing!

Joanne Clifton Net Worth

Joanne Clifton has an estimated net worth of $5 million, making her one of the wealthiest dancers in the United Kingdom. Her principal source of income is her successful dance career, which includes multiple titles and appearances on shows such as “Strictly Come Dancing.” Her net worth, however, could have been influenced by her appearances in musical theater shows and other entertainment projects.

Joanne Clifton Career

Joanne Clifton’s career encompasses dance, acting, singing, and presenting. As a child, she began her dance career by partnering with her brother, Kevin, in ballroom and Latin dancing. She excelled in both styles over the years, earning a five-time British Champion and a three-time Italian Champion. Joanne’s career took off after she won the Professional Ballroom European Championship in 2012 and the Professional World Dancesport Games in 2013.

In addition to her competitive dancing accomplishments, Joanne dabbled in musical theater, playing main roles in shows such as “Thoroughly Modern Millie,” “The Rocky Horror Show,” and “The Addams Family.” She also rose to prominence after appearing on “Strictly Come Dancing,” when she won the Christmas Special in 2015 and the main series in 2016 with her partner Ore Oduba. Her career displays her extraordinary talent and ability as a performer.

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