Who Is “NFL Legend” Tom Brady Girlfriend? Revealed Here!

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Tom Brady: Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr., born on August 3, 1977, was an American football quarterback for 23 seasons in the National Football League (NFL). He played for the New England Patriots for his first 20 seasons. From 2001 to 2019. He was a crucial part of the team’s dynasty.

Brady holds almost every vital quarterback record, like the most career passing yards, completions, touchdown passes, and games started. He is the most successful quarterback in NFL history in terms of career wins, regular season successes, playoff victories, and Super Bowl Most Valuable Player (MVP) awards.

He is the only player to win Super Bowl MVP for two teams.  Brady also has the most Pro Bowl selections and was the first player to win the NFL MVP award unanimously. Brady is known for being the only quarterback to win a Super Bowl in three different decades.

He is the oldest NFL MVP at age 40, the oldest Super Bowl MVP at age 43, and the oldest quarterback to be chosen for the Pro Bowl at age 44. Brady is the only quarterback in NFL history to be named to two all-decade teams (the 2000s and 2010s) and the 100th-anniversary all-time team by a unanimous vote.

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Tom Brady

Who Is Tom Brady Girlfriend? 

The courts finalized Tom and Giselle’s divorce just hours after filing for it. These made Tom a free man. On an episode of his Sirius XM radio show, Let’s Go!, he talked about breaking up with his ex-girlfriend.

The pro athlete said that their breakup was “amicable.” He also said that from now on, he is “focused on two things: taking care of my family, especially my children, and doing the best job I can to win football games.”

There have been rumors that Tom has been working elsewhere and on the field. Months after he broke up with Giselle, there were rumors that he was seeing a model who was 26 years old. Here’s what we know about Veronika Rajek, who is said to be Tom’s girlfriend.

Who Is Veronika Rajek?

Reports say that Tom Brady’s rumored “girlfriend” is Veronika Rajek, who is 26 years old. Yahoo Sports says Rajek is an ambassador for Slovakia’s Beauty and Fashion nova.

Rajek was born in Vranov Nad Topou, Slovakia, on February 20, 1996. He is 26 years old. Reports say that Rajek lives in Mexico but spends a lot of time in the United States, especially in Los Angeles and Miami, where she likes to party with her friends.

During the 2023 NFL season, she stated that she was a big Tom Brady fan, sparking rumors that they were dating. She has shared many football photos with her 3.7 million Instagram followers. In January, the New York Post said that Rajek posted on Instagram about how happy he was that Tampa Bay came back to beat the Panthers.

She wrote “so beautiful” on a picture of Brady, so the story goes.

She is wearing a Tampa Bay Buccaneers jersey in one of her most recent Instagram photos. Rajek posted on Instagram in December 2022, “I saw The Legend, and if anyone asks me again if I love Brady, yes, I do and show me someone who doesn’t.”

When news came out that Brady was retiring, Rajek posted a picture to Instagram with the caption, “It’s so hard to give up beach days, so enjoy them while you can.”

Is Tom Brady’s Rumored ‘Girlfriend’ Actually Married?

Despite the romantic rumors, Brady has never publicly confirmed the relationship. Their relationship is probably just a rumor since Tom Brady’s rumored “girlfriend” is already married.

The Sun says Rajek is married to bobsledder Viktor Rajek, who raced in the two-person and four-person events at the 2006 Winter Olympics. In Vienna, Austria, he now owns the restaurant Bier & Bierli. It is said that Viktor and Veronika got married on June 13, 2019.

As far as we know, Tom Brady is single now that he and Gisele Bündchen, a 42-year-old Brazilian supermodel he was married to for 13 years, got a divorce last year. He has a son with his ex-wife, actress Bridget Moynahan, named John “Jack” Edward Thomas. He also has two children with Gisele Bündchen: Benjamin Rein and Vivian Lake.

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