Who Is Brock Purdy’s Girlfriend? All About Jenna Brandt?

brock purdy girlfriend

Brock Purdy has become a big name in the NFL in a very short amount of time. The 23-year-old quarterback from Iowa State was on the roster as a backup to Trey Lance and Jimmy Garoppolo. However, when Trey and Jimmy got hurt and couldn’t play, he became the starter.

The move was nothing short of amazing. Brock has taken over for  and since then, has played seven games. He has thrown 16 touchdown passes, run for a few more, and only thrown three interceptions. Now, he has brought his team to the playoffs. We have to say it again: Brock is only 23.

So Who Is Brock Purdy’s Girlfriend?.

Who Is Brock Purdy’s Girlfriend? All About Jenna Brandt?

Even though Brandt and Purdy were seen together on social media during the summer of 2022, they didn’t make their relationship official on Instagram until November of that year. Brandt shared a series of photos of Purdy and her family having fun on a farm in a post on her account.

Brandt called the title of the slideshow “My Roots and My Boy,” and Purdy called Brandt “My Girl” in the comments.

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When Did Jenna And Brock Meet?

It looks like Jenna and Brock met at Iowa State University. Jenna, who was born in Sumner, Iowa, on October 26, 1999, eventually transferred to the University of Northern Iowa, according to Clutch points.

Even though they didn’t finish college at the same time, they stayed together and made it official on Instagram in November 2022. This can be seen on Jenna’s account.

Jenna Brandt Was Competitive Volleyball Player Throughout College

Brandt was born on October 26, 1999, and she grew up in Sumner, Iowa, with her parents, Kevin and Amy Brandt, and her three siblings, Kaylyn, Isaiah, and Morgan. She was a setter for the Iowa State Cyclones volleyball team all through college.

She also tried out for the U.S. Collegiate National Team and the U.S. Women’s Volleyball National Team during her freshman year. She then played for the Cyclones for three seasons, including a trip to South America to play against teams from other countries.

Then, in late 2020, Brandt wrote on Instagram that she was thankful for the “opportunities, experiences, and friendships” she had made at Iowa State. She talked about how excited she was to become part of the Panther family.

Brandt’s college volleyball career came to an end in 2022. She called wearing the varsity jersey a “dream come true” and thanked the university for the “life-changing experience.”

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She’s Been A Big Supporter Of Purdy’s NFL Career

Brandt has been very helpful to Purdy’s football career as a fellow athlete. Brandt has been seen at a number of 49ers games, wearing nothing but team gear. In December, she posted a picture of herself at the stadium with Purdy and wrote, “Love cheering you on, BP.”

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