Zoey Deutch Dating In 2022: Who is Zoey Deutch Boyfriend? Her Dating History!

who is zoey deutch dating
who is zoey deutch dating

Zoey Deutch is an American actress and producer who is known for her roles in The Politician and Vampire Academy. Because of her skill and beauty, she has won a number of excellence awards, including ones from the Dallas International Film Festival and the Hollywood Critics Association.

Aside from her great work as an actress as well as producer, we may have heard her name because of the latest rumor that she told Andy Cohen in an interview that smooching James Franco was just “meh.” Was it because she didn’t like James Franco? So, what kind of men does she like? Here, you can learn more about Zoey’s ex-boyfriends.

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Who is Zoey Deutch’s Boyfriend?

Because Zoey is such a secretive person, finding out about her personal life is difficult. However, she and her most recent boyfriend, Dylan Hayes, were frequently spotted together in public.

Dylan Hayes her boyfriend
Dylan Hayes her boyfriend

Chad Hayes, who is also a producer, is the father of Dylan Hayes. The Conjuring director Chad Hayes is well-known for his film. Dylan had previously been in No Strings Attached and is currently working as a director.

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Dylan Hayes And I Have A Calm And Stable Relationship

Zoey and Dylan began dating in 2017, and their connection appeared to be stable, with no unpleasant rumors or public disagreements. Despite the fact that their photos together were all over the internet, they never publicly discussed their relationship.

Zoey Deutch, like other celebrities who have had a large portion of their lives exposed to the public, strove to make her private life as private as possible.

After Zoey left her five-year romance with Avan Jogia, they began dating soon after. Though Avan and Zoey’s relationship ended for good, I’m sure five years was enough for Zoey to be affected in some manner. However, how did Zoey and Dylan’s relationship turn out? We have a lot of regard for Zoey, to be sure.

They initially appeared together while on vacation in Ischia, Italy, holding hands and kissing in a photo.

Dylan Hayes
Dylan Hayes

They continued to share images of themselves together on their own accounts, but they didn’t say anything about it. In addition, some paparazzi were photographed donning attractive attire and appearing to be totally over heels in love.

Another photo shows them on vacation in Europe, where Zoey was wearing a gorgeous black bikini and Dylan was wearing red and white shorts. As always, they both looked great together.

The photo of them holding hands in New York City in 2018 is one of their fans’ favorites. Zoey wore her tucked white t-shirt and loose-fitting trousers, and Dylan Hayes donned glasses and looked cool as usual. She also paired it with a classic red blazer and black flats, giving her a chic and sophisticated style.

They have remained a wonderful couple up to this point, and we hope that their relationship will last a long time and that they will marry soon! (Perhaps they’ll have children as well?) (I’m crossing my fingers!).

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Zoey Deutch Dating History

Avan Jogia has been in a relationship with Zoey Deutch (2011 – 2017).

Zoey was in a five-year romance with another actor, Avan Jogia, before meeting his present lover, Dylan Hayes. In Hollywood, having a five-year relationship appears to be a luxury that few individuals enjoy. Though Zoey and Avan were the first to do it, they called it quits in 2017 and went their separate ways for a bit.

Avan Jogia is a tall, muscular man with a good-looking face. He is well known for his part in Victorious and was born in Canada. He is a singer, songwriter, and activist in addition to being an actor.

Zoey and Avan met for the first time at the Kids Choice Awards, and they were also introduced by ABC Family, where Zoey starred in Switched at Birth and Avan in Twisted. Their love had been in the air since they met at the Oscars.

They didn’t have any problems establishing their common grounds because Avan was more of a private person. This was demonstrated in their interviews by their refusal to discuss their relationships in detail.

Avan has also published a statement that makes his attitude on keeping his romantic life private very clear: “I believe that if you continue to attract the public’s attention to your connection, you risk asking them to extract more information out of it. If you don’t want to be a spectacle, don’t show there, and you’ll probably be left alone.” In an interview with Glamoholic magazine, he revealed this.

As we all know, many couples in the film industry split up due to their differing perspectives on public attention; nevertheless, Zoey and Avan didn’t seem to have that difficulty.

Aside from that, they also shared their cute moments on Instagram, usually on their own accounts. There were recordings of them dancing together, pretending as if they were going to prom together in high school, and so on. Isn’t it nice to see a couple without a lot of drama in their lives?

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While Zoey and her current boyfriend, Dylan Hayes, are having a great time together, Avan has been seeing Cleopatra Coleman for over three years. They, like Zoey, frequently share images of themselves together on social media but rarely discuss their relationship.

2. How long did Zoey Deutch and Avan Jogia date?

After 5 years of dating and living together, Zoey Deutch and her boyfriend Avan Jogia have decided to end their relationship. The relationship between Zoey Deutch and her boyfriend, Avan Jogia, has ended.

3. Are Zoey Deutch and Jimmy Tatro dating?

The two have been dating for quite some time, but it wasn’t until Valentine’s Day 2021 that they made their relationship Instagram official. “Just using today as an excuse to upload some top-notch untapped Zoey stuff,” Tatro captioned a series of images of Zoey when announcing their relationship on Instagram.

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