Who Is Alexis Ohanian? All About Serena William’s Husband!

Who Is Alexis Ohanian?
Who Is Alexis Ohanian?

Who Is Alexis Ohanian? American entrepreneur, activist, and investor Alexis Ohanian. He is perhaps most widely recognized as a co-creator of the massively successful social news website Reddit. People frequently refer to him as “the startup guy” His plans to become a lawyer were altered when he and his buddy Steve Huffman traveled to Cambridge to hear Paul Graham give a talk titled “How to Start a Start-up.”

Who Is Alexis Ohanian?

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His first foray into entrepreneurship involved pitching the concept of an app that would facilitate the delivery of food ordered online. Unfortunately for Alexis, the idea was not original and hence failed to attract any financial backing at the time.

Then he created Reddit, a social news and media aggregator where users could post their own stories and links. ‘Y Combinator’ saw the potential in the idea and funded it as a startup, which has since been quite successful. Condé Nast, a media conglomerate, purchased it for an enormous sum of money sometime later.

His book, “Without Their Permission: How the 21st Century Will Be Made, Not Managed,” debuted at No. 4 on “The Wall Street Journal’s best sellers list for serious business” and he has established several start-ups.

He is the proud father of Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr., who is married to tennis sensation Serena Williams. He has made a name for himself as a successful businessman and kind benefactor.

Alexis Ohanian Early Years and Childhood

On April 24, 1983, Alexis Kerry Ohanian was born to parents Anke and Chris Ohanian in Brooklyn, New York. His father was of Armenian ancestry and his mother was a German native. In 2001, he graduated from “Howard High School” in Ellicott City,

Maryland, where he distinguished himself as a student and was selected to deliver the class’s student speech. He attended the “University of Virginia,” where he became friends with Steve Huffman and earned a degree in business and history in 2005.

After graduating, he considered both a career in law and waiting tables at “Pizza Hut.” The trip he took to Cambridge with Huffman to see Paul Graham give a talk titled “How to Start a Start-up” altered the course of his life.

Alexis Ohanian Career Life

In 2005, he and his friend Steve Huffman launched their first business venture by pitching and selling the concept of “MyMobileMenu” to the startup accelerator  Combinator. The corporation was enthusiastic about the concept, but they suggested the partners develop something even more original if they wanted to fund it.

Next, they devised the concept of “reddit.com.” Its intended function was to act as a social news and media aggregator to which authorized users may contribute. The term “read it” is where the term’s name came from.

In 2005, ‘Reddit’ was recognized as a startup by ‘Y Combinator,’ and in 2006, it was sold to the media conglomerate ‘Condé Nast’ for a figure between $10 and $20 million. He stayed on the board of directors of “Reddit” and continued his close collaboration with co-founder Huffman. He simultaneously embarked on a number of new endeavors.

In 2007, he debuted his creation, Breadpig. Products that fall into the “geeky” category are made by the company. After the items are sold, the proceeds are given to a good cause. He founded the company, although he is no longer involved on a regular basis with its operations.

He spent three months in Armenia in 2010 doing microfinance work for the non-profit Kiva, which provides loans to individuals in over 80 countries. The goal of the initiative was to assist the poor in becoming financially independent. He also established Das Kapital Capital, which offers startup funding, advisory services, and consulting.

In 2015, under his direction, he helped “Reddit” become a standalone business. He served as CEO until February 2018 before turning his attention to investing. Together with Garry Tan, he was involved in the development of the third ‘Initialized Capital fund, which provided seed funding for companies like ‘Instacart,’ ‘Opendoor,’ ‘Zenefits,’ and ‘Cruise.’

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Alexis Ohanian Personal Life

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At the outset of his career, Alexis was troubled by the tragic event in which his then-girlfriend fell from a fifth-story window and went into a coma. During this time, his mother was diagnosed with a tumor that was inoperable. Nonetheless, he overcame his ordeal and went on to have a fruitful life.

He had been seeing Serena Williams for 15 months before he proposed to her in December 2016. Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. was born in September of 2017 and is the couple’s first child. Their wedding took place in New Orleans, Louisiana, in November of 2017.

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Alexis Ohanian Other Works

In October 2013, he released a book titled “Without Their Permission: How the 21st Century Will Be Made, Not Managed.” It reached number four on “The Wall Street Journal’s” list of top business books.

Distinctions and Honors Forbes magazine recognized him as one of the “30 Under 30” in the technology business in both 2011 and 2012. In the 20th anniversary issue of “Wired” magazine, published in 2013, he was profiled as an innovator who was worth listening to.

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