What Is Wrong With Pawn Stars Corey? Fans Concerned About His Weight Loss?

what is wrong with corey on pawn stars

Fans of Pawn Stars are asking what happened to Corey Harrison because they cannot believe how much he has lost weight. After His Recent Appearance On The History Show, Others Are Concerned About His Health And Hope He Is Okay.

Corey Is Getting Noticed For His Appearance, And In Recent Years, He Has Openly Discussed His Weight Loss Following A Life-Changing Doctor’s Visit.

What Happened To Corey On Pawn Stars?

Harrison has finally manipulated his way into becoming a co-owner of the family business and the manager of his pawn shop, despite having endured numerous personal difficulties.

Harrison altered his lifestyle after discovering he was pre-diabetic during an enlightening doctor’s appointment. Harrison’s weight decreased from 400 to 200 pounds as a result of surgery. In addition, he altered his lifestyle to include exercise and a healthy diet.

Corey Lost Weight Following A Doctor Visit That Changed His Life

In 2014, Corey told Good Morning America that he had decided to get weight loss surgery three years earlier when he found out he was on the verge of becoming diabetic.

“I’m driving home from the doctor’s office, kind of freaked out about it, and I see the place where they do lap band surgeries. I pulled in and asked, ‘What does it take to have the surgery?'”

He Said. “At the time, I didn’t have much money. I took out four credit cards and put it on that, and there you go!”

Corey lost almost 200 pounds after he put on his lap band. Before, he weighed about 400 pounds. He told his grandmother that he didn’t know how bad he felt when he was bigger until he lost weight. “It’s Strange to Feel Better at 31 Than at 25,” he said.

As Corey said on the morning show, he also changed what he ate and how often he worked out. “My stomach can only hold about four to five ounces of food,” he said. “When you only have that much space, you don’t want to fill it with, you know, crap.”

Pawn Stars Fans Argue Over Corey’s New Appearance

In recent years, Pawn Stars viewers have talked about how they think Corey looks. And since Pawn Stars Do America just started, more fans are worried about his health but don’t know why he lost so much weight.

One fan wrote, “Why does Corey look so sick?” He doesn’t look well. Seeing an episode of Pawn Stars do America.”

Someone else said, “Chumlee and Corey have both lost too much weight.”

But not everyone thinks Corey looks sick because he has lost weight. Some people think he looks better than ever. One fan wrote on a recent photo of him on Instagram, “You guys look healthy and happy, man.”

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