Patty Mayo: A Comprehensive Bio, Age, Career, Weight, Net Worth And Family

Patty Mayo
Patty Mayo

Patty Mayo is a well-known American figure who rose to prominence through his material on YouTube, the ubiquitous video-sharing platform. He is not only a YouTuber but also a model and business owner. Mayo became famous for capturing criminals on tape through his bounty hunter videos.

He films criminals while also including challenges, pranks, and amusing chats in his videos. Nonetheless, it is his bounty-hunting movies that have gotten him the most attention, making him a well-known personality on the platform.

Patty Mayo is one of the beneficiaries of the rise of YouTube, which has enabled people from many walks of life to display their abilities and monetize their work. His achievement has brought him not only celebrity but also financial benefits, allowing him to pursue a career as an entrepreneur and content provider.

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Patty Mayo Wiki, Age, Childhood, and Education

Patrick Thomas Tarmey was born on July 6, 1987, in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. He was reared in a Christian household but hasn’t spoken about his childhood, and little information about this time of his life is available in the media. He graduated from high school but has not mentioned which or whether he attended college.

Patty Mayo Career and Achievements

Mayo began his channel in 2013, but first made some prank videos before focusing on creating bounty hunting content; after a dozen videos and an inability to make it profitable, he changed course and began making a web show in which he portrayed himself as a Fugitive Recover Agent (Bail Enforcement Agent, or “Bounty Hunter”).

He titled the show Southland Bounty Hunters and began filming scripted episodes of himself apprehending bogus fugitives who were either paid actors or his associates. Nonetheless, Mayo grew in popularity as interest in his work grew, and his subscriber base reached a million by September 2017.


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Patty Mayo’s Personal Life, Dating, Girlfriend, Children

Patty has stated that he is in a relationship with Kyla Pillar, however, he has not stated when the two began dating. Nonetheless, she has been an enormous assistance and support because she is the one who creates practically all of the videos with her camera talents.

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How Much is Patty Mayo Net Worth?

Patrick’s net worth is estimated to be $3 million. His principal sources of income are his YouTube videos, sponsorships, and merchandise sales to his subscribers. He has made more money as a result of the high number of views on his YouTube videos.

Patty Mayo's
Patty Mayo’s

Are bounty hunters adequately compensated? Patty is believed to earn between $53.6k and $856.9k every month through his YouTube channels. He also owns a Harley Davidson motorcycle, which costs more than $20,000.

How Many Subscribers Does Patty Mayo Have?

In November 2013, Mayo launched the @PattymayoTv channel. As of this writing, it has 10.8 million subscribers and over 1.56 billion views. Mayo’s dramatic Dutchberry Sheriff Office (DBSO) show in the fictitious Central Oregon town has made his YouTube channel one of the world’s most recognized bounty-hunting channels.
DBSO is an unscripted entertainment show. Nonetheless, the plots are entirely fictitious, and the scenes are manufactured. To create unpredictability, the performers, who are not real police officers, improvise actions and dialogue. They also engage in high-speed chases, confrontations, and stunts, which can result in injury. The stunts might be dangerous and should not be attempted at home.
Patty’s other two channels have content that is comparable to his major channel. On March 29, 2014, he created the @FoxxRecovery channel. Its plot centered on Patty Mayo’s partner tackling, tasering, and apprehending fugitives. With the number of criminal cases increasing, Trevor and Patty formed a new team to turn up the heat in the Southland. There are 479K subscribers and over 28 million views on the channel.
On August 19, 2022, Mayo launched the @pattymayoenespanol678 channel. It has 15.8K subscribers and over 155K views thus far. It has the fewest views of his three channels and is developing slowly because he has not been as constant with it as he has with the other two. You can follow us on Twitter and check out our other latest posts related to other stars’ net worth, investments, assets, and more.
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