Toni Fowler Before And After: Toni Fowler Gorgeous In Rocking Bald Look

toni fowler before and after
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Toni Fowler, better known by her stage name Mommy Oni, is a former dancer turned content creator.

On April 13, 2021, Toni announced on Instagram that she had cut off her long hair and was now sporting a stunning bald look. Toni shared a snapshot of herself and her best friend Unicorn Arellano wearing matching outfits for the day.

Toni wished her best friend a happy birthday in the caption, writing, “Happy Birthday bhi3 @unicornlangpo [egg emoji].”

On Thursday, April 15, 2021, Toni posted a different Instagram with the caption “I am strong, I am gorgeous, I am ENOUGH. [purple heart emoji]”


Later that day, Toni revealed that Unicorn was responsible for her rash choice to alter her hairdo in a vlog posted on Facebook and YouTube. Toni has always adhered to the proverb “Tablahin mo na lahat, kahit sino, wag lang sa araw ng birthday niya,” according to Unicorn.

He claimed that gave him the courage to shave some of Toni’s hair because he knew she wouldn’t object. Toni confessed in her vlog that she had wanted to go bald since last year but that her ex-boyfriend didn’t approve of the idea.

Toni stated: “Okay, I’ll go ahead and kalb me. Actually, I’d want to have some gain with some kalbi right now. “My ex told me, “Hindi daw niya kaya na may jowa siyang kalbo,” in my last letter to him.

E, wala naman ako ng jowa ngayon, pero magkakalbo na lang ako. Toni displayed the household members’ responses to her new appearance toward the end of her vlog. She was compared to American TV personality Amber Rose by her sister Mari. Tyronia, her daughter, adored her new appearance.

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