Chris Samuels With Her Husband, Rhop Alum Monique Samuels Responds To Rumors Of A Divorce.

Alumni of “Real Housewives of Potomac” Monique Samuels acknowledged that her relationship with her husband, Chris Samuels, was “struggling in some areas,” but they will not be getting a divorce.

“It’s No Secret That Chris And I Have Been Struggling In Some Areas Of Our Marriage, And Anyone Who Watched ‘Love & Marriage: D.C.’

Last Year, You Saw The Arguments, You Saw Everything That Was Going On,” the former “housewife” began on Monday as she took to YouTube to address the rumors.

It Was A Lot Of Confusion, It Was Wild Leading Up To That 10-Year Mark Of Our Marriage, And When You Have Things That You’re Like, ‘Listen, This Is Being Unmet Or I’ve Been Unheard,’ You Begin To Get Frustrated And It’s Like, ‘Oh My God, Is This What Life Is Going To Be?

I can no longer take it! So what you saw last season on ‘Love & Marriage: D.C.’ was my cry for help. “

Monique, 39, stated that she frequently felt as though the former NFL player, 45, was not listening to her when she told him about her needs or concerns. She added that she has always been “100%” genuine, even to the point of putting herself out there with the knowledge that she would be judged.

Therefore, we’ve done a great job of being transparent with everyone who’s watched us on social media or on the show—on either show—the fact that people are praising a rumour of divorce or a possible dissolution of a marriage […]. ” That’s Sad That People Were Praising That,

It’s Sad That People Were Excited About It, And Then You Know, A Lot Of People Who Love and Support Our Family Are Devastated,” she continued.

Without Further Explanation, Everyone Understands That Mentioning the Words’ Separation ‘Implies Divorce. Chris and I are getting divorced. No! We Aren’t Getting a Divorce. Are we going in separate directions? Certainly not. Nobody ever said that. Have We Submitted A Separation Petition?

No Have We Submitted Our Divorce Petition? No Is There Any Documentary Evidence of Divorce Filings? No Have We Separated to the Point of Divorce? “No.

The mother of three revealed that the producers of “Love & Marriage: D.C.” had intended to show the process of repairing their marriage in the upcoming season but were forced to reveal the plot due to rumours.

She explained that rather than file for divorce, she and Chris decided to seek individual counselling to address “their personal issues” and “focus on ourselves.”

“We decided to spend a few nights apart while on our respective counselling journeys,” she revealed. We’ve been communicating significantly better than we have in a very long time.

She continued, “We are unquestionably still together. We haven’t given up on our marriage, we haven’t split up, and we have no intention of divorcing. ” Simply, we are trying to improve. “

Chris, who had been silent for the majority of the statement, added that they found the rumours amusing and were unaffected by them. He noted, however, that “it’s very disappointing and it’s a shame that people would publish false information.”

In Her Statement, Monique also supported her “RHOP” co-star Ashley Darby, Who Said The Couple Was Separated During Bradoon.

A number of individuals attempted to throw Ashley under the bus. She is innocent, so leave Ashley alone. She told her fans that she had nothing to do with this.

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