Millie Bobby Brown Boyfriends: A Look at Her Romantic History

Millie Bobby Brown Boyfriends
Millie Bobby Brown Boyfriends

Millie Bobby Brown, the gifted young actress most known for her portrayal of Eleven in the television series “Stranger Things,” has captivated audiences both on and off-screen. She has had several high-profile boyfriends throughout the years. Let’s look into her dating history and the love relationships that have made the news.

Millie Bobby Brown Boyfriends

Jake Bongiovi

Millie’s current romantic interest is Jake Bongiovi, the son of music legend Jon Bon Jovi. In June 2021, Jake posted a selfie with Millie on social media, sparking romance suspicions.

Since then, their bond has grown. Jake accompanied Millie to the season 4 premiere of “Stranger Things” in March 2022, and they made their red carpet debut at the BAFTAs.

Millie Bobby Brown Boyfriends

Jake’s parents, who began dating about the same age in 1980, are supportive of their relationship. Millie and Jake’s love appears genuine, with charming social media messages and public demonstrations of devotion.

Jacob Sartorius

Before Jake, Millie had a high-profile relationship with musician Jacob Sartorius. They went public in October 2017 and remained together until July 2018.

Jacob Sartorius
Jacob Sartorius

Although reconciliation rumors circulated afterward, it is unclear whether they restored their relationship. Jacob and Millie’s romance received great attention from fans and the media.

Other Speculations

!Joseph Robinson

Aside from Jake and Jacob, Millie has been romantically involved with rugby player Joseph Robinson. Fans also inquired about her connection with her “Enola Holmes” co-star Louis Partridge, but Millie stressed that they are only friends.

Fans have “shipped” Millie with “Stranger Things” co-stars Noah Schnapp and Finn Wolfhard, but she maintains their friendship is completely platonic.


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Engagement Announcement

!Millie and Jake

Millie stunned fans in April 2023 when she announced her engagement to Jake Bongiovi. The pair, who had been dating for two and a half years, announced their good news on Instagram. Fans eagerly anticipate their next chapter together as their love story remains captivating.

Millie Bobby Brown’s romantic path has been full of tender moments, red-carpet appearances, and poignant declarations. As she continues to shine professionally, we’ll be rooting for her in her concerns as well!

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Where was Millie Bobby Brown born?

Millie Bobby Brown was born in Marbella, Spain.

How old is Millie Bobby Brown?

Millie Bobby Brown was born on February 19, 2004, so she is currently 20 years old (as of March 20, 2024).

How did Millie Bobby Brown get into acting?

A talent scout who saw Millie Bobby Brown’s potential discovered her while she was participating in a weekend acting workshop.

Does Millie Bobby Brown have any siblings?

Yes, Millie Bobby Brown is the third of four children.

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