How Many Boyfriends Did Blake Lively Have? Blake Lively Dating History Explored

blake lively dating history

After appearing in the drama series “Gossip Girl,” Blake Lively gained notoriety. Her life has since come under the spotlight due to her admirers’ curiosity about her love life. Even though Blake Lively is now a happily married lady, fans are curious about her past relationships.

Lively married her co-star in the 2011 superhero action movie “Green Lantern,” but she had relationships with several well-known Hollywood stars before getting married. The 35-year-old once talked openly about her relationships and said she had only had four partners.

Because of her admission, fans are curious about Blake Lively’s alleged relationships and dating past. What is known about the California native’s romantic life is listed below.

Blake Lively at The Beverly Hilton
Blake Lively at The Beverly Hilton

Kelly Blatz

Before obtaining the lead part in the drama series “Gossip Girl,” Lively dated Blatz from 2004 to 2007, they had been pals since they were young, and Lively used to have feelings for him. In addition to their previous collaborations, Lively and Blatz appeared in the horror/thriller movie “Simon Says” in 2006.

Penn Dayton Badgley

Initially linked only as acquaintances, Penn Dayton Badgley Lively and Penn Dayton Badgley were first reported dating in 2007. A year later, the “Gossip Girl” co-stars visited the Met Gala together and officially announced their relationship.

Even though the pair walked down the aisle on-screen, their relationship was short-lived in real life, and the duo barely made it through “Gossip Girl” season two. The actors reportedly called it quits on their romance midway through the season but kept it a secret from the other cast members.


They have lively discussed her off-screen courtship with Badgley and their choice to stay friends after breaking up in an interview. Despite the attention paid to their lives, they maintained a low profile, especially at the start and conclusion of their relationship.

They claimed to be friends when they first started dating because they worried their relationship would interfere with their jobs. However, they soon discovered their superiors wanted them to date because it was necessary for the plot. The couple split up in 2010 after three years of dating but didn’t let it impact their careers.

They kept quiet about the breakup because they wanted their personal and professional lives separate. Joshua Safran, the co-producer and writer of the show, admitted that he was taken aback to learn that Lively and Badgley had split up months earlier while filming the season two conclusion.

Safran was still taken aback by Lively and Badgley’s decision to keep their breakup a secret from the cast and staff to prevent any adverse effects on the show. He was also amazed by their acting abilities, particularly considering how they pretended to be dating for the following four seasons.

The same year Lively and Badgley broke up, Ryan and Johansson released a joint statement confirming they were getting a divorce.

 Ryan Gosling

When they were seen having ice cream together at Disneyland soon after Lively’s spit from Badgley in October 2010, Lively and Gosling sparked dating rumors. A few months later, they had moved past enjoying an ice cream to openly confessing their love for one another.

The two appeared to be having a good time together at Gosling’s “Blue Valentine” afterparty; he stopped mingling with the other guests at one point. It happened when Harvey Weinstein, whose firm produced the movie, had to convince Ryan Gosling to mingle with other dignitaries.

Since Lively was in Paris the day before the “Blue Valentine” debut, filming an advertisement for Chanel handbags, her appearance at the premiere was unexpected. According to reports, a bodyguard who didn’t recognize her nearly prevented her from entering the VIP area. Hence, she had to identify herself to the security officer before she was allowed to meet Gosling.

People started noticing the couple growing close, which made them the center of attention. While Lively looked at him with smoldering eyes, Gosling tenderly touched her leg. Later in the evening, when the “Blue Valentine” actor rose from his seat, Lively grabbed his hand and whispered something that made Gosling sit back down.

Following the incident, the two went their different ways and were later seen having dinner at the Standard Grill with two other people. The two were visible in public for the second occasion at this time. None of their publicists replied when asked about the situation.

However, Gosling’s buddy claimed that although they had gone out on several occasions and were interested in one another, he didn’t believe they were dating seriously. He continued that Lively and Gosling were only courting on a casual basis, but he could see it developing. The dating reports eventually stopped.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Even though it only lasted a few months, Lively’s romance with renowned actor Leonardo DiCaprio garnered media attention. In the summer of 2011, when they were seen traveling to Europe, Australia, and New York City, the couple had a brief relationship.

Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio


However, their union was brief, and in October 2011, the two ultimately parted ways. Their representatives verified the split and said Lively and DiCaprio had decided to stay friends. Lively used to send the “Titanic” actor pictures of objects that would make him think of her at one time.

According to Safran, Lively had a doll while filming “Gossip Girl,” and she took pictures of it to give to DiCaprio. Lively documented her life in photos back then, when Instagram didn’t exist, and only a select few other people were doing the same, Safran continued.

Ryan Reynolds

Among the most cherished spouses in Hollywood are Ryan Reynolds Lively and Ryan Reynolds. The couple’s connection is harmonious and well-balanced. The couple has successful acting jobs and is parents to four kids.

The couple started courting in 2011 and got married the following year. The two had been friends for some time and could no longer deny their chemistry, despite the opinions of some of their admirers who thought it was a hasty choice.

After eleven years, Ryan and Lively are still happy, with James, Betty, and Inez Reynolds as their three children. Lively and Reynold recently received their youngest child but haven’t revealed the child’s name or gender.

When they appeared in the 2011 action/sci-fi movie “Green Lantern,” the two became coworkers. Despite not dating at the time, they developed into close pals. Both were involved in other partnerships at the time. Lively and Badgley made their first public appearance together in 2010 in San Diego while Ryan was still dating “Black Widow” star Scarlett Johansson and Lively was dating Badgley.

In a joint statement, Ryan and Johansson announced their divorce the same year Lively and Badgley split up. The couple claimed they had jointly decided to dissolve their marriage after considering it.

The couple finished their statement by pleading for privacy from the public, saying that although their relationship started in love, it ended in kindness.

On June 15, 2011, Lively and Ryan did not date when they strolled the red carpet at the “Green Lantern” premiere. Lively and DiCaprio had been associated closely at the time.

The following autumn, just before Halloween, the couple started dating. According to rumors, after Ryan’s birthday weekend, Lively was seen exiting his Boston apartment early in the morning. Ryan and Lively’s close friend verified their happiness together.

After a few months of dating, Lively started getting to know Ryan’s family. The two were observed in Ryan’s hometown Vancouver holding hands while walking the streets.

On September 9, 2012, the couple exchanged vows in a small, private event, and they have been strengthening their marriage ever since.