Missing Missouri Student Riley Strain Bodycam Video: Final Moments

Missing Missouri Student Riley Strain Bodycam Video
Missing Missouri Student Riley Strain Bodycam Video

Nashville police have shared bodycam video that captures what might be the last sighting of Riley Strain, a University of Missouri student who went missing.

This unexpected moment happened late on March 8 near the Cumberland River, an area where Riley’s bank card was later discovered. The video begins with Officer Reginald Young arriving at a reported burglary on Nashville’s Gay Street at 9:50 p.m. As he checks a line of parked cars, Riley, aged 22, is seen walking past him.

Calm Encounter with Police Officer

How are you doing, sir,” Young asks the student. “I’m good, how are you,” Strain replies as he exits the frame.  “Good,” Young answers back, returning to his police work.

Missing Missouri Student Riley Strain Bodycam Video

During the interaction with Officer Young, who was responding to an unrelated call, Riley Strain seemed calm and not in distress. According to the Nashville police, Young stayed at the scene for an additional 45 minutes.

So far, no further footage has been found showing Strain leaving Gay Street after 9:52 p.m. The 6-foot-7 finance student, in Nashville for a visit with his Delta Chi fraternity brothers, reportedly was asked to leave Luke Bryan’s bar, Luke’s 32 Bridge, for being overly intoxicated.

Last Traces and Exhaustive Search

Security footage later traced Strain’s movements along Gay Street heading toward First Avenue, close to the Cumberland River. Despite an exhaustive search of the river involving boats, dogs, and sonar, Strain remains missing.  The search did, however, lead to the discovery of Strain’s bank card on the river’s bank.

In an interview with Fox17 on Sunday, a person without a home reported seeing Riley Strain the night he disappeared, mentioning that Strain seemed extremely drunk and nearly stumbled into the river.

The Metro Nashville Police have indicated that they do not believe foul play was involved in Strain’s disappearance at this stage.

Parents Criticize Bar’s Handling of Alcohol

Strain’s parents have criticized the bar for serving him too much alcohol, alleging that a bartender at Luke’s 32 Bridge “overserved” their son. However, the establishment, Luke’s 32 Bridge, has responded by stating that Strain was only served one alcoholic drink and two glasses of water during his time there.

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