Who Is Lil Dicky Girlfriend? Have a Look About Her Current Girlfriend, Dating and Love Life (UPDATED)

lil dicky girlfriend
lil dicky girlfriend

Lil Dicky is a rapper, comedian, and actor from the United States. He was born David Andrew Burd on March 15, 1988. In 2013, when the music video for his song “Ex-Boyfriend” came out, it got more than a million views on YouTube in just 24 hours. This made him famous. His first work was the album Professional Rapper, which came out in 2015. This post has everything you need to know about Lil Dicky’s girlfriend.

What Do We Know About the Girlfriend of Lil Dicky?

Lil Dicky has been open about his past relationships and personal life in general, but the status of his current relationships has not been made public yet. Molly was his girlfriend, but they broke up because of his job. He went on to say that he didn’t have to choose to be a musician for a living. The musician said that he has no regrets about going after his dreams and starting a music career. Lil Dicky seems to be single and not married right now.

Lil Dicky said that going to California to be a comedian was not a priority for him at the time, even though he wanted to be one. At that time, Molly couldn’t go on a cross-country trip with Burd. Ally is the loving girlfriend of Lil Dicky’s character. She helps him get over his fears and loves him no matter what.

Is Ally’s Character Based On His Relationship With Molly?

On the TV show Dave, Dave Burd played Lil Dicky and Taylor Misiak played Ally. Burd told Deadline in a virtual panel in June 2020 that Ally and Molly aren’t always the same person.

“I had a girlfriend in real life when I first started rapping,” he said. “And I wouldn’t say that Ally is based on my girlfriend for sure. But I really wanted my character to start Season 1 with a girlfriend because that’s something I can relate to… There were so many times when it was hard for my relationship and my job to go in the same direction. They sort of fighting with each other.”

But it’s hard to ignore how much his on-screen relationship and the story he tells in the song “Molly” have in common. After all, both of Lil Dicky’s girlfriends broke up with him while he was trying to follow his dreams.

Is Lil Dicky Currently Dating Anyone?

We know that Burd is still single. Maybe he still wants to put his job ahead of his relationships with women. Still, we hope to see him with someone soon, because we think it will lead to another interesting song or story.

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