Is Thuli Phongolo Pregnant? Rumors and Asserting Self-Love

Is Thuli Phongolo Pregnant?
Is Thuli Phongolo Pregnant?

Is Thuli Phongolo pregnant? Thuli Phongolo was born on January 22, 1994 in Soweto, South Africa. She is a well-known figure in the entertainment industry, having worked as both a DJ and actress. Despite her youth, she has achieved widespread popularity and success in her career.

Thuli’s ability and hard work have made her a well-known figure in South African entertainment. Whether she is demonstrating her DJ talents or performing in various TV series, she has impressed audiences and acquired a large following.

Thuli has done a lot at such a young age, and it appears that her promising career will continue to be filled with fascinating opportunities.

Is Thuli Phongolo Pregnant?

Thuli Phongolo is not expecting a baby. The rumours about her pregnancy began after she uploaded a photo on Instagram. Some people mistakenly thought she was pregnant in the shot because of her bright complexion.


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Thuli Phongolo, an actress and DJ, has taken a hiatus from social media and removed all of her prior Instagram posts. The most recent picture she posted is the only one on her Facebook right now. The caption on the photograph read:

“Somebody’s gonna save you one day … and that person happens to be yourself.”

After receiving multiple comments speculating about her pregnancy due to her dazzling appearance, she replied by saying:

“I think my edges are making me look pregnant guys but don’t worry I’m firing the whole team for this mess-up ’cause I told them! Anyway, thank you for the love guys.”

This indicates that the pregnancy rumours were false, and she humorously blamed the appearance on a hairstyle choice.

Thuli Phongolo’s Love Life!!

Thuli Phongolo has stated that DJ Maphorisa is her lover. This was revealed when DJ Maphorisa was arrested for allegedly assaulting Thuli at her residence in Sandton.

This astonished many because they had never discussed their relationship before. In 2021, there were rumors about them being together, but Thuli denied it.

It’s worth noting that Thuli Phongolo is dealing with a legal case regarding allegations of gender-based violence (GBV) against DJ Maphorisa. Thuli claimed DJ Maphorisa physically assaulted and strangled her during a disagreement at her house.

Is Thuli Phongolo Pregnant

The court date for this case was originally scheduled for June 14, but it was postponed. The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) requires more time to investigate the case further.

After DJ Maphorisa was arrested, Thuli acknowledged their relationship. Even though we don’t know how long they’ve been together, some unnamed sources claim they’ve had disputes and charges of adultery.

They said that Thuli and DJ Maphorisa had previously argued, including one in December involving cheating. Another argument occurred a month before the arrest but was not reported to the police.

In brief, Thuli Phongolo has now revealed that DJ Maphorisa is her boyfriend. However, their relationship has had challenges, including a recent arrest and allegations of abuse and adultery.

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