Is Jamie Lomas Girlfriend Pregnant? Know the Truth Before Making Assumptions!

Is Jamie Lomas Girlfriend Pregnant?
Is Jamie Lomas Girlfriend Pregnant?

Jamie Lomas, who portrays Warren Fox on Hollyoaks, has revealed that his partner, Jess Bell, is expecting their first child together.

The pair announced the wonderful news on Valentine’s Day, along with a photo of themselves clutching a baby scan. They also shared that they are expecting a baby girl. In this article, we’ll look at their relationship history, how they dealt with the pregnancy, and their future intentions.

Is Jamie Lomas Girlfriend Pregnant?

Yes, Jess Bell, Jamie Lomas’ fiancée, is pregnant. The revelation of Jamie Lomas and Jess Bell’s pregnancy has caused much delight and excitement among their fans and admirers.

Jamie chose Valentine’s Day as the best opportunity to share their news, taking to Instagram to express love and happiness. The emotional image featured the couple’s dazzling smiles as they proudly held up scan photographs, representing the beautiful new life growing within Jess’s womb.

Is Jamie Lomas Girlfriend Pregnant

The soft teddy bear in their hands represented the tender love and care they already have for their soon-to-be-born daughter. Jamie’s words reflected his overflowing enthusiasm and expectation, emphasising the importance of Valentine’s Day as a day of love and celebration.

As they begin this new chapter in their lives, Jamie and Jess are surely filled with love, optimism, and excitement as they await the birth of their first child together. The announcement of their pregnancy has touched the hearts of their followers, who are excited to share in their excitement and follow the journey of this growing family.

Who is Jess Bell?

Jess Bell is not just Jamie Lomas’ adoring fiancée, but also a highly skilled dentist. After being in a love relationship with Jamie for several years, their bond became stronger with time, prompting them to take the next step in their journey together.

Jamie and Jess decided to get engaged in July 2023, reaffirming their love for one another. This wonderful occasion was marked with great enthusiasm and excitement as they welcomed the potential of a lifelong relationship.

The pair just announced that they are expecting a baby girl, which has added another layer of love and anticipation to their relationship. Jess, a prominent dentist situated in Salford, near Manchester, has surely contributed her enthusiasm and attention to her field.


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Who is Jamie Lomas Ex Wife?

Kym Marsh, Jamie Lomas’ ex-wife, is a well-known British actress and singer who rose to prominence for her role as Michelle Connor in the classic serial opera Coronation Street.

Jamie and Kym were married from 2012 to 2014. Although their marriage came to an end, the memories and experiences they had surely influenced Jamie’s personal development.

Jamie and Kym’s ability to move on to new chapters in their lives demonstrates their progress and resilience. Jamie, in particular, has discovered happiness and excitement as he embarks on a new adventure with his fiancee, Jess Bell.

Jamie and Jess joyfully await the arrival of their first child together, welcoming this new chapter with open hearts and cherishing the love and joy that awaits them. While Jamie’s history with Kym is important to his story, the present and future hold the potential for new beginnings and beautiful times to come.


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