Is 2Baba Still Alive? Debunking the Rumors of His Demise

Is 2Baba Still Alive
Is 2Baba Still Alive

2Baba, a well-known Nigerian singer and composer, has been the subject of several rumors and suspicions concerning his health and wellbeing.

Some stories state that he is deceased, while others state that he is gravely ill or in hiding. Is 2Baba still alive, or has he passed away? Here are some facts and updates about his present situation.

Is 2Baba Still Alive?

2Baba, born Innocent Ujah Idibia, is still alive. Born on September 18, 1975, in Jos, Plateau, Nigeria, he is still a prominent player in the Nigerian music industry. 2Baba has had a long and successful career as a singer, songwriter, and producer, playing a vital role in the emergence of Nigerian pop music.

Throughout his career, 2Baba has garnered countless awards and distinctions, demonstrating his continued influence and talent in the music industry. He continues to participate in a variety of initiatives, collaborations, and performances, indicating his continued presence and significance in the business.

While there may be rumors or misinformation about celebrities, it is critical to rely on reputable sources to confirm their status. 2Baba is still alive and making contributions to the music industry, inspiring followers in Nigeria and throughout the world with his music and activism.


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He Was Mistaken for a Cult Leader?

One reason some people assumed 2Baba was dead was that he was mistaken for a prominent cult leader with the same nickname.

The cult leader’s real name was David Gift-Okpara, popularly known as 2Baba, and he was the primary suspect in the murder of SP Bako Angbashim, a former Divisional Police Officer from Rivers State. On February 17, 2024, the authorities allegedly killed the cult leader during a raid on his hideout.

However, the cult leader was unrelated to the performer. The singer’s real name is Innocent Ujah Idibia, and he hails from Benue State, not Rivers. The singer also spells “2Baba” with a capital B, although the cult leader spells it with a lowercase “b”.

The artist has also criticized the cult leader’s actions and conveyed his condolences to the family of the murdered DPO.

2Baba Net Worth

2Baba has an estimated net worth of $16 million. 2Baba, also known as 2Face, has dominated Nigeria’s music landscape for more than two decades. With a career spanning this amount of time, he has recorded multiple hit records, which have greatly increased his riches.

Along with his music career, 2Baba has diversified his assets, co-owning the famed Rumours Night clubs in Lagos, owning real estate properties throughout Nigeria, and starting a large-scale agro-business in his native state of Benue.  In addition to his musical endeavors and investments, 2Baba receives income from his endorsements.

2Baba Wife

2Baba’s wife is Annie Idibia, a well-known Nigerian actress, producer, model, and entrepreneur. Formerly known as Annie Macaulay, she married 2Baba in a private wedding on May 2, 2012, in Lagos, Nigeria.

2Baba Wife

Following that, on March 23, 2013, they held a civil ceremony in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, with several celebrities present.

He has faced some challenges

Another reason why some people may have doubted 2Baba’s survival is that he has endured hurdles and hardships in both his personal and professional lives.

He has been involved in several issues and scandals, including a conflict with his former bandmate Blackface, a lawsuit with his former manager Efe Omorogbe, and allegations of infidelity with his wife Annie Idibia.

He has also been chastised for his political beliefs and activities, including his support for the #EndSARS protests and call for good governance. Despite these obstacles, 2Baba has maintained his health and happiness.

He was able to overcome them and move forward with his life. He has also managed to maintain his status as one of Africa’s most influential and successful performers. He has won numerous prizes and accolades, including the MTV Europe Music Award, the BET Award, the MOBO Award, and the Headies Award. He has also been recognized in the Headies Hall of Fame and designated as a UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador.

Final Line

To summarize, 2Baba is still alive and well and has not been killed or harmed by anyone. He has been mistaken for a cult leader who shares his nickname, and he has had some difficulties in his life, but he has not allowed them to influence his health or well-being. He has been active and productive in his professional and personal lives, and he has continued to inspire and excite his fans and followers. 2Baba is not dead; he is alive and kicking.

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