Actor Stuart Margolin From “Rockford Files” Who Won An Emmy Dies At 82

Stuart Margolin, a character actor who co-starred on The Rockford Files and won an Emmy Award, has died. He was 82.

Monday, family members confirmed on Instagram that Margolin died in Staunton, Virginia, of natural causes.

He won two Emmys for his role as con man Evelyn “Angel” Martin on a 1970s detective drama series. Later, Margolin was in two Blake Edwards movies, S.O.B. in 1981 and A Fine Mess in 1986. The Hollywood Reporter said that he also became a very successful TV director.

How Margolin relates to The Rockford Files James Garner dated an actor in the early 1970s, when the actor cast him in Nichols as a “sidekick who was a squinty-eyed, backstabbing rat, but also lovable,” Garner wrote in his 2011 memoir, The Garner Files.

“We had done screen tests, but we couldn’t find what we were looking for until one day I saw a clip from Love, American Style,” Garner wrote. “It wasn’t a funny scene, but the actor was so good that I couldn’t help but laugh.” “I knew he was the one for the job.”

Later, Margolin said that he “never regretted” working with Garner for so long.

“As a young character actor and comedian, I was in demand until I had to choose between being on The Mary Tyler Moore Show or Nichols with Jim Garner,” he said in an interview in 2017, as reported by Thr. “I chose to work with Jim Garner because I thought I would have more fun, and I have never been sorry about that.”

“It was a great series with great writers and Jim’s favourite show he ever did,” he continued. “It ended after a year, and then Jim’s executive producer and Stephen J. Cannell asked me to join The Rockford Files on CURRENT.” “So, my career grew a little, I won a couple of Emmys, and over the years I’ve had a lot of different parts.”

Besides acting on screen, Margolin directed episodes of The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Wonder Woman, Touched by an Angel, The Love Boat, Magnum, P.I., Northern Exposure, Quantum Leap, and The Rockford Files.

The actor, who was born in Iowa and later lived in Dallas, Texas, got his start in the business after meeting Barney Brown at a theatre summer camp in Colorado. Brown was a mentor to Dustin Hoffman, Gene Hackman, and Robert Duvall, and the actors later followed Brown to California.

After Martin Sheen got hurt in the lead role of What the Night Can Do, he had a starring role in the movie. Christopher Martini, who is Margolin’s stepson, directed the movie.

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