Why Did Grant Gustin Leave The Flash? Biography, Age, Wife, Height, Weight

Grant Gustin
Grant Gustin

American actor and singer Grant Gustin. Grant Gustin is best known for playing Barry Allen, aka The Flash, on the CW series “The Flash.” He portrays the same character in both “The Arrow” and the miniseries “Vixen.” He showed Sebastian Smythe on “Glee” from 2011 to 2013. So Let’s check out why did Grant Gustin leave the show The Flash and his Biography, Age, Height, weight, and wife.

Grant Gustin Biography

Grant Gustin was born to Tom and Tina Gustin in Norfolk, Virginia, on January 14, 1990. Grant was reared in a close-knit home with his two siblings. Before graduating from Granby High School, he studied musical theater at the Governor’s School for the Arts in Norfolk. His interest in the performing arts was evident from an early age, and he went on to study at the famous Elon University in North Carolina.

Grant Gustin
Grant Gustin

Where he majored in BFA Music Theatre, his studies were cut short when he was offered the role of ‘Baby John in the Broadway Revival Tour of “West Side Story” in 2010.

Grant Gustin Age

Grant Gustin was born in Norfolk, Virginia, on January 14, 1990. As of today, March 8, 2023, he is 33 years old. He is most recognized for his performances as Barry Allen / The Flash on The CW’s The Flash, which is part of the Arrowverse, and Sebastian Smythe on Fox’s Glee.

Grant Gustin Height

Grant Gustin stands at 6 feet tall (1.83 meters in metric). He is frequently cast in parts that call for him to be taller than he is, such as his portrayal as Barry Allen / The Flash on The CW’s The Flash. Gustin frequently puts lifts in his shoes to seem taller. He has also been accused of using camera trickery to make himself appear taller.

Grant Gustin Weight

Grant Gustin weighs 75 kilos (165 pounds) in imperial measurements. He is noted for his athletic figure and slender stature. He has stated that he exercises frequently to keep in shape for his role as Barry Allen / The Flash. Gustin’s weight has sparked considerable debate on the internet. Some have criticized him for being excessively thin, while others have applauded him for maintaining a healthy figure.

Grant Gustin Is Leaving The Show Flash

The Flash star Grant Gustin explained his explanation for the show’s cancellation after nine seasons on The CW during a panel at Phoenix Fan Fusion, according to ParksAndCons. Gustin admits to being overwhelmed as a “23-year-old leading that type of show” and said he had kept his “anxiety in check” for years.

As he got older throughout this run, he recognized it was time to call it quits when he realized how many times he’d missed bedtimes “for his daughter” but also not wanting to “do the show at less than 100%:.”

“Gustin shared it was overwhelming to be a 23-year-old leading that type of show. He tried not to think about it to keep the anxiety in check. As he grew older, he realized his world kept changing and knew it was time to wrap the show when he thought of all the bedtimes he was missing for his daughter. He never wanted to do the show at less than 100%, so it was time.”

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Grant Gustin Wife

Andrea Thoma is a personal trainer and physical therapist. In 2016, she met Grant Gustin at a dinner party, and they began dating soon after. They got engaged in April 2017 and married in December 2018. He has posted their wedding pic on his Instagram.


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Thoma is a California native who earned a degree in physical therapy from the University of San Diego. She is a physical therapist in Los Angeles right now. Thoma is a quiet individual who rarely speaks to the media. She has, however, been on The Flash and has been supportive of Gustin’s work. In August 2021, the couple welcomed their first child, a daughter named Juniper Grace Louise.

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