Is Danny Masterson From ‘That ’70s Show’ In Jail? All You Need To Know!

danny masterson jail

Before the 2023 premiere of That ’70s Show’s follow-up, That ’90s Show, on Netflix, a judge ruled on the criminal case of former cast member Danny Masterson.

Five years after the people who said the actor sexually assaulted them came forward, he finally had his day in court. Danny pleaded not guilty to three counts of rape after he was caught in 2020.

The trial started in October, and after weeks of testimony and cross-examination, it ended on Wednesday, November 30.

So, Danny, are you in jail? Read on to find out.

Is Danny Masterson From ‘That ’70s Show’ In Jail? 


On November 15, the closing arguments in Danny’s trial started. Prosecutors said Danny attacked, harassed, and followed his accusers because the Church of Scientology gave him the courage to do so. Danny’s defence team tried to show that Danny was not guilty.

Danny is not in jail because of the verdict.

Lawyers on both sides of the case made strong arguments, which left the jury “hopelessly deadlocked” in the end. Because of this, Judge Charlaine F. Olmedo had no choice but to call a mistrial, and Danny was set free.

The District Attorney’s Office said they were “disappointed” with the verdict, but they thanked the jurors “for their service.” In a statement released by Us weekly, prosecutors said, “We also want to thank the victims from the bottom of our hearts for having the courage to come forward and talk about their terrifying experiences.”

They also said that plans are already being made for Danny’s retrial, which is set to happen in March 2023. The statement ended by saying, “We are also grateful for the hard work of the prosecution team, and we will now think about our next steps in prosecuting this case.”

Who Was Accusing Danny Masterson?

In March 2017, four women said Danny had raped them and filed complaints against him. Later that same year, a fifth woman said that he had raped her several times while they were together.

Danny was looked into by the LAPD, but he was never charged with a crime. The actor denied that he had done anything wrong and said that he had only had relationships and interactions with the women who accused him with their permission.

After those accusations, he was fired from the ranch and dropped by the talent agency that worked for him. But things only got worse.

In August 2019, the women who had complained to the LAPD filed a lawsuit against Danny and the Church of Scientology, saying that they were being followed and harassed because they had spoken out.

In the end, Danny was arrested by the LAPD’s Robbery-Homicide Division in 2020 and charged with three counts of rape. Only three of Danny’s five accusers took him to court because the statute of limitations had passed and there wasn’t enough proof.

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