Who Are Caleb Williams Parents? Meet Carl Williams And Dayna Price

caleb williams parents

Who are Caleb Williams mother and father? Caleb Williams is the quarterback for the USC Trojans in American football. Check out this article to find out who Caleb Williams’ parents are. Let’s find out.

Do You Know Caleb Williams?

Williams was born on November 18, 2002, in Washington, DC, to Carl Williams and Dayne Price. He went to Gonzaga College High School there. As a sophomore, he passed for 2,624 yards, which showed how good he was at football.

As a result, he was named to the All-Met First Team and the Gatorade Football Player of the Year. He also helped his school’s team win, and he was later named the MVP of the Elite 11 Final.

He followed his parents’ dream by going to the University of Oklahoma, where he was Spencer Rattler’s backup in his true freshman year. His performance and experience led to 21 passing touchdowns at the end of his first year, which helped the team win again.

Williams moved to USC in February 2022, where he was named the starting quarterback and team captain and led USC to a 66-14 victory. Soon, all of his hard work will get him a lot of attention in the NFL.

Who Are Caleb Williams Parents?

Parents are always very important in the lives of their children. Williams was the only child in his family, so he was very interested in different ways of living.

Whether it was her mom, Dayne Price, or her dad, Carl Williams, her family has always supported her choices and helped her make the best ones. They got married in 2000, and two years later, Caleb was born.

His mother is of Hispanic descent, and then she is of African-American descent. He raised his sons in Washington, D.C., and he credits his family for all of his success.

Carl, his dad, worked closely with Caleb to make sure he had everything he needed for the training pieces. He owns a piece of the Athletic Republic Capital Region, which gives special sports instructions to the players.

His father always keeps a close eye on the important things in his life and gives him enough freedom to make the best decisions. Carl Williams and Dyane Price always go to their son’s games and cheer him on, which is the best support they can give him.

Caleb Williams Thanks Mom And Dad During Award Ceremony

Caleb Williams of USC has won the Heisman Trophy, which is the most coveted prize in college football. The quarterback was named this year’s winner on Saturday night in New York City. During his speech of acceptance, he thanked his mother, Dayna Price, and his father, Carl Williams:

“I don’t know where I’d be without my parents and my mentors. They’ve been there with me all the way.”

“To the most important woman in my life, thank you for always being my Mom first. The woman behind the scenes, who has a smile on her face and is willing to help others, you’re an inspiration to me in many ways.”
The USC quarterback said that his mom, Dayna, was the “most important woman in his life.” In his speech on Saturday night, he said that she was his inspiration and thanked her for everything she had done behind the scenes.
Then, he said that his father, Carl, helped him reach his goals and gave him time to train and practice.
“To the old man over there, my Dad. He always walks to the beat of his own drum. Thank you for showing me the way, you instilled a work ethic in me at a young age that I can’t thank you enough for. For the training sessions and late night practices. You’re always there for me, making sacrifices in your own life so that I could achieve my dreams, which eventually became our dreams.”

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