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Is Anna Shay Dating Maria? All You Need To Know About Past Relationships!

Anna Shay, who is on the show Bling Empire, and Maria Jose Lainez, who is her best friend, are said to be dating. But this is not true; they are just good friends who like to spend time together. Anna Shay has been married four times, each time to a different man.

Bling Empire is a Netflix show that shows how super-rich Asian Americans live. Because of this, everyone on the show has Asian ancestors. The second season of the reality TV drama “Bling Empire” came out on May 13, 2022. It was made by Christine Chiu.

The news comes before the October 5, 2022 premiere of the third season of Bling Empire. One of them is Dorothy Wang, who was in the second season of Bling Empire.

Jeff Jenkins Productions makes the show, and Jeff Jenkins, Russell Jay-Staglik, Elise Chung, Leonid Rolov, Ross Weintraub, and Reinout Oerlemans are the executive producers.

Anna Shay is one of the people in the Bling Empire who doesn’t want to get involved in gossip. On the show, she has often seen shopping, posing for photos, and relaxing with her friend Maria Jose Lainez in her mansion. Because of this, a lot of people have been wondering about Anna and Maria’s relationship and if they are dating.

Anna Shay Isn’t Dating Maria Jose Lainez; They’re Just Best Friends

During the second season of Bling Empire, Anna Shay, 61, and her friend Maria Jose Lainez, @mariaa.lainezz, moved into their beautiful Beverly Hills home. Like Florent Bonadei, Maria was brought to Bling Empire by Anna as one of her friends. But they are not dating each other at all.

On each other’s Instagram, especially Maria’s, you can often see Maria and Anna posing with a “BFF” caption. People must have thought they were a good match because of how close they were. But they’re just best friends and nothing more.

Maria was 56 years old when she was in the second season of Bling Empire. In Bling Empire Season 2, Episode 6, when Anna, Kane, and Kim were having that awkward conversation about Christine allegedly slandering Anna’s name, Maria said that Anna should be thankful that Kane came to her with his worries about the trouble.

Maria also shows pictures of her family, including Carmen Lainez and Gloria Maria, her two daughters. Maria has a more quiet role on Bling Empire, but her inspiring Instagram bio gives a glimpse into who she is: The phrase “La Felicidad no es un meta, es sentimiento de uno” loosely translates to “Happiness isn’t a goal, it’s a feeling.”

Anna’s private life is different from everyone else’s. Most of her fans don’t understand her because she doesn’t talk about anything personal. There are many rumors about Anna’s romantic interests, but not much is known about them. We do know, though, that the actress had been married before. Four times, to be exact.

Anna has been married four times before, but she doesn’t want to talk about them or share details about them. Anna Shay is doing a great job! From what is known about Anna’s previous marriages, we know that she has a son named Kenny Kemp from one of them.

Kenny Kemp, a 28-year-old son, is probably best known as one of the best marijuana paraphernalia collectors in the United States. Kenny stays out of sight, like his mother, but it looks like he stores his bongs in the basement, too.

How Much Money Does Anna Shay Have And What Does She Do For A Living?

In 2006, Anna Shay and her younger brother Allen Shay sold their dad’s business for $1.2 billion. Her father didn’t want her to work as long as he was alive, but she did a lot of charity work. She used to be on the board of the George Lopez Foundation, which raises awareness about kidney disease and organ donation. She has also worked for the Shay Foundation, which was started by her late parents and supports education, the arts, music, and performing arts.

Because of the show, she is now, of course, a reality TV star. But she never thought this would happen to her. People, she said,

Did I expect the show to be successful? No, I wasn’t even expecting to be in front of the camera. I’m very shy and I went along with whatever situation was happening. I was just being me. I think the success of the show has a lot to do with how Netflix, Jeff Jenkins, and his production company handled things. It’s really thanks to them.

Anna Shay’s net worth is thought to be more than $600 million, making her one of the wealthiest people in the Bling Empire. But since she’s one of the main characters in Netflix’s hit reality show, Bling Empire, which will soon have a spin-off called Bling Empire New York, we’re sure that number has gone up.

Some of the “ugliest” parts of the Vietnam War have been linked to the money of the Shay family. According to NBC, which used information from the University of Texas at Dallas (opens in new tab), the CIA hired Anna’s father’s company in 1964 to build interrogation facilities in South Vietnam.

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