On August 5, Elon Musk’s Countersuit Against Twitter Will Be Made Public

elon musk

Elon Musk was given permission by Delaware-Chancery Court Judge Kathleen McCormick on August 5 to make his countersuit against the Twitter public.

Before the Texas Annual Tesla Shareholders Meeting on August 4, Musk first requested to make his Twitter countersuit public. The countersuit might be made public a little bit earlier, said a Reuters source. It might be revealed on Thursday, August 4, one day sooner.

Twitter has charged Musk with attempting to distribute his countersuit for public consumption without giving it a chance to redact or black out sensitive material about the social media company before McCormick’s decision.

In response, Musk’s attorneys charged that Twitter was attempting to obfuscate “the side of the narrative it does not want publicly acknowledged.” Twitter, according to his legal counsel, violates the public’s First Amendment fundamental right to know both sides of an issue.

In response to Twitter’s lawsuit, which sought to compel the billionaire to complete his $44 billion transaction, Elon Musk filed a countersuit. Twitter asserts that when Musk decided to end their partnership, he did so in “bad faith.”

Musk’s team explained in a letter why the buyout of Twitter was canceled. The number of bot accounts on Twitter would be the most obvious explanation. However, the social media platform claimed in its lawsuit that Musk’s problems with its bot account information were an excuse to back out of the $44 billion contract.

For the Twitter lawsuit, Judge McCormick set a five-day trial beginning on October 17, 2022.

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