Joe Thomas Before and After: Check out His Incredible Transformation in 2022

joe thomas transformation

Football players come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Some defensive players are stronger than others, allowing them to be a force and defend their quarterback. Others, like a kicker, are smaller and more delicately built. In the NFL, there are so many various body types when it comes to weight and size. Because of this, no one noticed when former NFL player Joe Thomas’ weight was 312 pounds.

Joe Thomas

Joe Thomas After Retirement

Joe described his weight loss and the precise steps he took in a column for Men’s Health. “After I retired, it was incredibly simple to lose those first 20, 30, or 40 pounds,” he wrote. I simply reduced my caloric intake to eat like a regular person. But I had to eat more wisely after that. I learned my optimal protein, carb, and fat ratio as I kept track of my meals. It was a big deal for me to use the app to track my diet and realise, “Wow, this one food has so much extra sugar.”

How Joe Thomas Lost Weight

Joe attributes much of his weight loss to his yoga practise. “I also enjoy yoga,” he added. It makes my body feel AMAZING. It benefits my joints and serves as cardio for me. My wife bursts out laughing. She refers to it as a stretch. But it’s a wonderful workout for me because I sweat a lot. I’m now at 255. Right now, I’m attempting to shed a few pounds. I suppose that’s what everyone says.”

How Joe Thomas Lost Weight

He also told Men’s Health that spending a lot of time in the pool helped him because his joints were so strained from his time in the NFL. “I’m doing a lot of single joint workouts,” he wrote. I also developed a passion for swimming and riding. Because I’m a bigger guy, low-impact cardio is preferable.”

It was really easy for me to lose those first 20, 30, 40 pounds once I retired. I simply reduced my calorie intake to eat like a normal person. But after that, I had to eat more carefully. I began to learn my ideal protein, carbohydrate, and fat ratio as I tracked my meals. Tracking things on the app and understanding, “Wow, this one food has so much added sugar,” was a game changer for me. My greatest method has been low carb yet flexible—with some intermittent fasting thrown in for good measure. Fasting offers the primary benefit for me of eliminating breakfast, which is 800-1,000 calories. Eating fats and proteins now keeps me satisfied. I only get hungrier when I consume carbs. On Christmas morning, I devoured a stack of ten pancakes baked by my wife—roughly 3,000 calories. And two hours later, I was starving.

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