Following Backlash, Addison Rae Deleted A Photo Of Herself Wearing A Holy Trinity-inspired Bikini

_Holy Trinity-inspired Bikini
  • On Tuesday, Addison Rae published a picture of herself wearing a bikini with a religious theme.
  • The bottoms read “Holy Spirit,” while the top had “Father” and “Son” written on it on opposite sides.
  • According to Page Six, Rae removed the post after getting criticism in the comments.

According to Page Six, Addison Rae deleted an Instagram post after receiving criticism for donning an avant-garde bikini.

As Page Six reported, Rae, 21, shared a picture of herself on Tuesday wearing a white bikini from the Praying collection made in partnership with Adidas.

The “Holy Trinity Bikini” is a white bikini that costs $100 and is imprinted with religiously themed text.

The words “Father” and “Son” are written on opposite sides of the top. Photos from Praying’s website and social media show that only Rae’s top was visible in the post before it was deleted, but the bottom of the outfit reads “Holy Spirit.”

Praying and Adidas logos were superimposed on Rae’s image.

A request for comment from Insider was not immediately answered by Adidas, Praying, or Rae’s agents.

According to Page Six, some of Rae’s fans attacked her choice of swimsuit in the post’s comments.

According to the source, some users claimed the swimwear was disrespectful to Christians while others described it as “blasphemous.”

On Wednesday, Rae removed the post, according to Page Six. However, numerous people requested an apology on Rae’s other swimsuit-related Instagram and TikTok posts.

Since sharing the now-controversial photo, Rae has posted on both Instagram and TikTok, but she didn’t mention the removed post on either platform.

Reactions from online users to Addison Rae’s Instagram photo

The duet did not garner much praise on the internet. Rae was criticized online for representing the brand in addition to the influencer receiving a lot of criticism for wearing the swimsuit. Many people were upset with the cult-favorite company for producing the derogatory bikini about Christianity.

Followings of Rae and Adidas were criticized in the following tweets:

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