BTS Is Taking A ‘BREAK’ From Music Together!

BTS Is Taking A 'BREAK' From Music Together!

The guys from BTS have been giving full throttle non-stop for years. Now the K-Pop band has announced a break and says goodbye to their fans for the time being. 

BTS Take A Well-Deserved Break

On Sunday, December 5th, the management of BTS announced in a statement that Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook would take a “winter break”. After their first slightly longer break in 2019, the guys will retreat for a while for the second time after their planned shows in December. During this time, you should rest and recharge your batteries so that you can start again afterward.

BTS: Solo On Instagram

At the same time as the statement, the seven guys have now also got their own official Instagram profiles. Could that be a hint for solo music too? The only thing that helps is to wait and see. But so far, the BTS members have been using their profiles for private pictures. In this way, you might want to let the ARMY participate in your life during your little break and give you a few personal insights into your life.

BTS: New Chapter After The Winter Break

But there is also good news! Because BTS will use the time to prepare for their new chapter. This should be initiated with an album. But not only that, but a show in Seoul in March is also planned, where they want to connect more with their fans again.

This winter break is the band’s first chance to spend the holidays with their families since 2013. And they deserved the break because even during the pandemic, they pulled through to be there for their fans. 

BTS: Records Broken With Each Passing Day

BTS is one of the most popular bands in the world right now. The band has not only made fans fall in love with them, but they have also broken some of the records around the globe. 

Their song ‘Butter’, released in May 2021, snatched away five records single-handedly. These include one of their records owned by ‘Dynamite’, which was previously the most-viewed premiere of a music video on YouTube. The band also has the record for fastest time to reach one million followers, and most tickets sold for a live-streamed concert. 

BTS is not a band anymore, it is a phenomenon that not everyone becomes, and the break the group is taking is a well-deserved break.

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