Money Heist: Why You Won’t Have A Season 6

Money Heist: Why You Won’t Have A Season 6

Money Heist is a hit the world over and sets records. So why not extend the fun with another season?

Difficult to define the phenomenon of Money Heist. The surprise success of the TV show chained the records. With 619 million hours, the series occupies second place in ranking the most-watched series on the platform. But despite this tidal wave, there will be no season 6.

The Hope Rope Is Still Hanging 

This weekend, Money Heist bowed out. Despite the inconsistencies built up over the years, the series has kept a solid fan base. So why won’t there be a Season 6? The answer is quite simple.

So, for Alex Pina, the series has come to the end of a cycle. And for a good reason, Money Heist, these are two robberies told in nearly 2000 minutes. Many viewers have felt now that the TV show should have stopped long before. Alex Pina has chosen not to pull the rope any longer with this decision.

But let the fans be reassured. The universe of Money Heist is far, very far from being abandoned. Thus, a few days ago, we learned that a spinoff of the phenomenon series was currently in preparation.

A New Addition To The Money Heist Universe

The new show will be centered around an emblematic character Berlin. Actor Pedro Alonso portrays the character. He is one of the critical robbers of the first season.

Indeed, the idea of ​​the theft of the National Mint of the currency and the stamp comes from him. Together with his brother Sergio, alias The Professor, they hatch the famous plan that will allow them to become famous worldwide.

The Professor is the brain behind the heists, but Berlin is also important. His ardor and charm quickly won over viewers.

Unfortunately for fans, Berlin did not participate in the Professor’s Second Heist. In the first season, the character is sick and knows he is doomed. Thus, he considers the theft of the National Mint as a last stand.

Berlin has nothing more to lose and will give itself body and soul in this criminal operation, the work of its life. He will eventually die under the bullets of the authorities. But Money Heist and its fans have never accepted losing this character so charismatic. The creators, therefore, made sure to keep it on screen until the end of the series.

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