Money Heist Season 5: Things We Still Need Answer For

Money Heist Season 5: Things We Still Need Answer For

Some fans were disappointed with the end of Money Heist. They, therefore, raised minor concerns of consistency in the series. Money Heist has delivered its verdict, but it was not to everyone’s liking. Virulent comments on the last five episodes of the series have flourished upon their release.

Helsinki & His Wound

Starting with the severe injury to Helsinki. Injured, operated, treated, the Serb must thus remain lame until the end of his days. Except that he does not even remain so until the end of season 4. An inconsistency of the series?

In any case, some fans seem disappointed that Money Heist did not respect its own hazards until the end. Because at the end of the last season, we find a brand new Helsinki, able to walk as if nothing had happened, strange.

Was Monica Really Traumatized?

She killed Arturo. Then ultimately not, because the most hated character of all fans returns without worry at the end of season 5: Monica has ended up traumatized. Pulling on her ex indeed brought up memories that she could no longer control.

Faced with the images of her ex-husband spinning in his head, Arturo’s former colleague even decides to take morphine to forget. Post-traumatic stress no longer exists at the end of the series. The fans are therefore disappointed.

Where Is The Money?

After the blows in all directions at the end of the season, all’s well that ends badly. But only one thing keeps fans hanging on to Money Heist. Because the group never wanted to hurt anyone.

Therefore, the hostages who helped the Professor’s gang must have received the money. Except that by dint of seeing the money passes through everyone’s hands, we still wonder if Torres and the others received a transfer since their arrival. 

And Then The Disappearance?

The fans are still wondering. Just as they are surprised at one thing: the machines in Nairobi have disappeared. With Bogota, the Professor’s group’s young (and late) member is responsible for cutting the ingots into nuggets.

But when Colonel Tamayo entered the bank, a miracle: the foundry disappeared. Some early fans noted another inconsistency of the Casa de Papel (and criticized). But the spin-off on Berlin could provide them with answers. 

What Was In The Paper?

Among the most intriguing characters and the most hated of the end of the series, Alicia Sierra has made an impression. Intrepid, intelligent and manipulative, she succeeded in turning the Professor’s team upside down/

But one scene touched the fans: that of the word. The one she gives to Raphael turns the confrontation that looms with Tatiana’s gang around. What could the Professor have written to change everything in Money Heist?

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