who is Fernando Chavez Barron? 16-year-old Boy Killed at Walmart

Six people were killed in a shooting at a Virginia Walmart, and the youngest victim was identified as 16-year-old Fernando Chavez-Barron.

“Following a Vigil last night honoring the victims of the Walmart shooting, Chesapeake Police are releasing the name of the juvenile victim,” Chesapeake, Virginia, tweeted on Friday. With deep regret, we must report that 16-year-old Fernando Chavez-Barron of Chesapeake was the young victim in this tragedy.

On Thursday night, family and friends gathered in the Walmart parking lot for a vigil in honour of Chavez-Barron, who had recently passed away.

His friends told the Virginia pilot, “It’s hard to believe he’s gone.”

Fernando Jesus Chavez-Barron
Fernando Jesus Chavez-Barron

Rosy Perez, the teen’s family friend, told the New York Times that he went to a local high school in addition to working the overnight shift.

Walmart manager Andre Bing accused of killing 6 in Chesapeake, Virginia

He “just wanted to help out a little bit,” she said. He was a model youngster.

Including the 52-year-old woman who was found dead, police had previously identified five adult victims. Kellie Pyle, Brian Pendleton (aged 38), Lorenzo Gamble (aged 43), Randy Blevins (aged 70), and Tyneka Johnson (aged 22) are all in this.

When store supervisor Andre Bing opened fire in the store’s break room on Tuesday night, he fatally wounded four of his employees.

Also, according to the police report, he legally purchased the 9 mm handgun that morning and left a “death note” on his phone before he opened fire.

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