How To Find Instagram Friends On Threads?

Instagram Threads
Instagram Threads

A brand new social networking application called Threads was recently developed by Instagram, which is owned by Meta. Just like Twitter, it enables you to publish threads, respond to those posted by other users, and follow profiles that you find interesting.

You have arrived at the right place if you are unfamiliar with Threads and are interested in learning how to locate and follow your Instagram pals on it. Finding and following your friends from Instagram on Threads is now much simpler thanks to Meta.

Follow Instagram Friends While Creating Threads

Threads uses Instagram’s account structure, which means you may not only claim the same username as you do on Instagram, but you can also follow all of your Instagram accounts with a one push.

If you use the same account data, you will get a list of all Instagram accounts you follow during the initial registration of the Threads account. From there, you can either follow someone individually or use the Follow all button to swiftly follow everyone at once.

Instagram Threads

Note: If your Instagram friends haven’t joined Threads yet, the following requests will be shown as pending until they join.

Follow Instagram Friends on Threads From Settings

Don’t worry if you forgot to follow your Instagram pals throughout the setup procedure or if you missed any! From the settings, you may still follow your Instagram buddies, or anyone else.

1. Open Threads and navigate to your Profile in the bottom right corner, followed by the Hamburger Menu symbol in the top right corner.

Instagram Threads

2. Next, go to the Follow and Invite Friends settings and pick the Instagram Follow accounts option.

Instagram Threads

You may easily follow your Instagram pals on Threads from here. You may also use the Search Bar to find and connect with your friends easily.

Instagram Threads

Pro Tip: Any accounts you’ve blocked on Instagram will also be blacklisted on Threads.

Search Your Instagram Friends on Threads

The solutions listed above can assist you in connecting with Instagram accounts that you already follow. But what if you want to find new accounts to follow or reconnect with old ones?

Simply navigate to the Search page and touch on the Search Bar to locate your Instagram friend. When you see a profile you like, touch the Follow icon next to its name.

Instagram Threads

Note: If your Instagram friends haven’t joined Threads yet, you won’t find them in the search results.

If you can’t discover your Instagram friends on Threads, try these steps:

1. Launch Instagram and take note of your friend’s username.

Instagram Threads

2. Return to the Threads app and search for your Instagram friend using the same login.

Instagram Threads

Note: Threads’ name and username will remain the same as on Instagram.

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Share Threads Profile

If none of the techniques above worked, try asking an Instagram friend to share his or her Threads profile.

You can then click the link, which will take you to your friend’s Threads profile.

Instagram Threads

It is very simple to distribute Instagram profile URLs. In fact, you can generate QR codes for profiles, reels, and posts and creatively employ them across the web.

Instagram Threads

Unfollow Your Instagram Friends on Threads

There’s no need to be concerned if you unintentionally followed someone on Threads. Unfollowing someone on Threads is quick and straightforward.

1. Navigate to your Profile Page and select Followers.

Instagram Threads

2. Navigate to the Following tab, then click the Unfollow button next to the individual you want to unfollow. You may also look up user profiles.

Instagram Threads

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