Who Was Joyce Dahmer? What Happened To Joyce Dahmer? Is She Still Alive Today; Inside Story

joyce dahmer died
joyce dahmer died

Joyce Dahmer, Jeffrey Dahmer’s mother, found out at the same time as everyone else that her son was a serial killer. What happened to her? In Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, a Netflix show by Ryan Murphy, we learn a lot about Joyce and how she fought with her mental health.

Back in 1991, her son admitted to necrophilia, cannibalism, and murder, and she partly blamed herself, just like Jeffrey’s father did. Here is everything you need to know about Joyce Dahmer, her relationship with Jeffrey, and her death.

Who Was Joyce Dahmer?

Jeffrey Dahmer and his younger brother David were both raised by their mother, Joyce Dahmer. She was born in February 1936 in Wisconsin, and in 1960, she married Lionel Dahmer.

In his book, A Father’s Story, Lionel Dahmer talks about what he and his wife, Joyce, could have done differently to stop their son from becoming a serial killer. Lionel admits that he wasn’t there for his son when he was growing up, but he also says that Joyce took prescription drugs while she was pregnant with Jeffrey Dahmer.

Lionel says in his book that Joyce wouldn’t touch Jeffrey when he was born because she was afraid of getting germs on him. He also says that she became dependent on drugs.

Joyce Dahmer Struggled With Mental Illness While Raising Jeffrey And David

Some people say Joyce never got over the guilt she felt when she found out her son had been killed. Joyce was depressed and always worried about getting sick. She seemed to spend a lot of time in bed and needed a lot of help. She also often took medicine to help her sleep.

In 1978, it came out that Joyce was seeing someone else, so she and Lionel split up after 19 years of marriage. Joyce and her son David moved to California.

Joyce Dahmer’s Failed Attempt At Suicide

No matter if Jeffrey Dahmer’s parents were to blame or not, Joyce Dahmer felt so bad about her son’s crimes that she tried to kill herself.

A few months before Jeffrey was killed in jail, Joyce Dahmer turned on her gas oven and left the door open. UPI says that Joyce was found face down in her kitchen on Tuesday after she turned on her gas oven but left the door open.

“Living has been lonely lately. Please have my body burned. In her note, she said, “I love my two sons, Jeff and David.”

She did not succeed in killing herself in the end.

She Died In The Year 2000

Joyce Dahmer died of breast cancer when she was 64 years old.

The executive director of the HIV community center where Joyce worked, Julio Mastro, told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, “She was enthusiastic and caring, and she used her own tragedy to have a lot of compassion for people with HIV.”

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