Who is Lionel Dahmer? Where Is He Now? Here’s What To Know!

Who is Lionel Dahmer Where Is He Now
Who is Lionel Dahmer Where Is He Now

On July 23, 1991, Jeffrey Dahmer‘s father, Lionel Dahmer, found out that his son was a serial killer. But where is Jeffrey Dahmer now? The first episode of Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story features his character, and it turns out that Lionel is still alive today.

Jeffrey Dahmer was an American serial killer, s*x offender, and cannibal. Between 1978 and 1991, he killed and cut up 17 men and boys. Since then, his father has said that he thinks he is to blame for his son’s crimes. Here is all the information you need to know about Jeffrey Dahmer’s father, Lionel Dahmer.

Who Is Lionel Dahmer?

Jeffrey Dahmer’s father is Lionel Dahmer, who is 86 years old. Jeffrey Dahmer killed many people and ate them. David Dahmer is his younger son. Lionel and his first wife, Joyce Dahmer, have two sons together.

But when Jeffrey was 18, he and Joyce split up. In 1978, Lionel married his second wife, Shari Jordan. She became the stepmother of Jeffrey and David Dahmer.

Lionel worked as a writer after getting his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Wisconsin in 1959 and his Master of Science from Marquette University in 1962. Lionel was in school most of Jeffrey’s childhood, so he missed a lot of his son’s growth.

In 1966, he got his Doctor of Philosophy from Iowa State University. Then, from 1960 to 1962, he worked at PPG Industries as a senior research chemist. Since 1968, he has been in charge of research in analytical chemistry.

Lionel Dahmer Has Said What About His Son Jeffrey?

Lionel seemed determined to take full responsibility for everything his son did, so he talked about Jeffrey’s home life and how he felt bad about some things his son saw. “When he heard Lionel and Dahmer’s mother, Joyce, yelling at each other, he went outside. He has just left home.”

Lionel is very upset about how his son was brought up. He said, “It makes me sick that we weren’t more like Ozzie and Harriet.” Even so, Lionel cared about his kids.

When asked what he saw when he looked at his son, Lionel answered with a lot of hope that may have been foolish. “The naive parent in me still sees an innocent, shy child who is weak and defenseless and who I wish I could help right now.”

Did Lionel Go To Prison To See Jeffrey Dahmer?

Short answer: yes. Lionel is said to have kept in touch with Jeffrey and gone to see him in prison with his wife Shari.

Since his son Jeffrey Dahmer’s death, Lionel has been in a number of TV shows and documentaries, such as Biography, Dahmer on Dahmer: A Serial Killer Speaks, and even Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, the most recent show on Netflix.

Where Is Lionel Dahmer Now?

Lionel is now said to live in Ohio with his wife Shari, and he hasn’t been seen in public since 2020.

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