Who Was Gavin Escobar? What Happened With Him? Here’s What To Know!

what happened to gavin escobar
what happened to gavin escobar

In California, a former Cowboys tight end perished in a rock climbing accident. Gavin Escobar, age 31, was one of two people recognized by Riverside County sheriffs following an incident in the San Bernardino National Forest.

Escobar was selected in the second round of the 2013 draught out of San Diego State. In 62 games over four seasons with the Cowboys, he had 30 receptions for 333 yards and eight touchdowns.

Escobar was let go after the 2016 season because he didn’t have much of an impact on a team with Jason Witten. He later played for the Chiefs, Ravens, Browns, and Dolphins, but he didn’t get any more statistics with those teams. Escobar’s NFL career was over, but in 2019, he played for the San Diego Fleet in the short-lived AAF.

Escobar was from New York. He moved to Long Beach earlier this year to become a firefighter and lived in Huntington Beach.

A report of “hikers down” came in just after noon on Wednesday, according to a source. Crews tried to help but found that both people had already died at the scene. We don’t yet know if Escobar and his friend were going up or down when something bad happened, or if they died in some other way.

Gavin Escobar’s wife and two kids will miss him.

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