Who Has The Most Home Runs In Mlb History In A Single Season

most home runs in a single season
most home runs in a single season

Aaron Judge, a big hitter for the New York Yankees, hit his 61st home run of the season on Wednesday night in Toronto. This tied Roger Maris for the most home runs in a season in the American League.

Judge’s most recent home run came in the seventh inning at Rogers Centre against Blue Jays pitcher Tim Mayza. It broke a 3-3 tie and helped New York win 8-3.

The candidate for A.L. Most Valuable Player hit a 94 mph sinker over the left field wall and into the Toronto bullpen. Matt Buschmann, the bullpen coach for the Blue Jays, caught the historic home run ball and gave it to the Yankees.

Judge hadn’t hit a home run in seven straight games, which wouldn’t be a big deal for most other players but was a long time for him. Even though he hasn’t hit a home run in a while, the outfielder has still been very useful. He has drawn 12 walks and scored five runs while the Yankees have gone 6-1.

The judge told reporters in Toronto after the game, “It’s a huge honor, that’s for sure.” “Yes, that’s a relief.”

Roger Maris Jr. and Patty Judge’s mother were sitting next to each other in the front row. After the ball left the yard, they gave each other a hug.

“It’s important that my mom is here,” Judge said. “She’s always been there for me, that’s for sure. From Little League to getting me ready for school, being there for my first professional game and my debut, and now getting to be here for this, this is something special.

Judge’s home run on Wednesday tied him for the seventh most in a single season.

Three National League power hitters who have been linked to performance-enhancing drugs had the top six seasons before Judge and Maris.

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